Glad She Gave It One Last Go

Posted by Leticia, 19 Jun

When it came to joining our site, Stephen wasn’t a tough sell. “I had a previous experience dating online and found it very refreshing,” he says. “So many opportunities to get to know different people from all over the world! [This] site seemed to have good success rates, so I decided to try it. So glad I did!”

Monica, however, hadn’t enjoyed the best of results with Internet personals. “I’ve tried other sites, but with limited success,” she admits. Presented with ours, she decided that it was too soon to quit on love. “So I thought I’d give it one last go!”

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Stephen says he was “fairly confident” his goals could be achieved. “I believe there is someone for everyone, somewhere out there, and patience is a virtue,” he tells us.

Within 60 days or so these two found each other. Stephen got a Flirt from a mysterious lady who went by “Vibrante” on our site. “Monica sent me a Flirt,” he recalls. “I was flattered, but expressed my concern at the distance we were apart.” He did like the person portrayed in her profile, however. “Monica was a beautiful woman, genuinely warm and full of intrigue,” Stephen remarks.

Okay, so how many miles separated them? Oh, just six thousand! They couldn’t have been much farther apart if they tried, without someone moving to the moon. Stephen lived in the U.K. and Monica was in Zambia, so we can understand his reluctance to proceed. Still, the guy was here to find interracial romance, so he let the conversation flow. That was a fateful decision. “We chatted, and the rest is history,” says Stephen.

What prompted Monica to reach out to someone who lived so far away? It was the quality of his profile that hooked her. “Steve was honest and humble and handsome,” she observes. For Monica, the distance didn’t detract from her attraction. “We got on so well,” she says. “It was never in any doubt.”

Stephen soon began making travel arrangements – he was that impressed by the quality of their connection. “We hit it off very quickly and conversation flowed easily,” he says. “We had so many things in common – as if it was meant to be…”

So he took the plunge and bought that plane ticket. “Steve flew 6,000 miles from the U.K. to Zambia,” Monica informs us. Stephen nods. “I decided to go and see Monica in her home city of Ndola,” he says. The welcome Monica gave him made his long journey worth it. “So warm and friendly!”

Meeting him in person, Monica remembers thinking that Stephen was “so handsome.” Both singles were stunned at how relaxed and comfortable they were in each other’s presence, given that they’d never shared the same room before. “It instantly felt like we should be together,” declares Stephen.

As they got to know each other better, Stephen was struck by his new love’s forthright nature. “Monica’s very upfront and honest,” he says admiringly. Stephen is very much Monica’s type, she reports, adding that their romance is very fulfilling. He announces, “I have a purpose once again!”

Here are Monica’s words of wisdom for singles seeking a relationship worth spanning the globe for. “Take time to listen to people,” she suggests. “Don’t be in a rush!”

After four years of trying, Stephen knows how important patience is for single people dating on the Internet. He stresses “perseverance” and reminds us, “With online dating, the world has become a smaller place – reach out!”

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