From Flirt Sent to Mutual Interest in 30 Minutes

Posted by Leticia, 02 Nov

We asked Danyaille what drove her to sign up on our site. “I wanted to try something different with dating and meet people outside of my hometown,” she explains. Was she confident about the efficacy of online dating? “Not too confident,” Danyaille admits. “I was just browsing the dating scene!”

The man she’d meet, Kajuan, wasn’t notably more optimistic about it than she was. “I was a little confident to try to date again and feel out the online dating scene,” Kajuan reveals. “I wanted to do something different, meet people outside of the city [I lived in], and find true love.”

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Danyaille says that “a month and a half before we met” she posted her profile with the username “DanniBoo20.” Three days into Kajuan’s membership, a certain profile captured his attention. It was DanniBoo20. So what stood out to him? “Her smile, and how detailed her profile was,” answers Kajuan. “I was immediately hooked when I saw her describe herself and what she was looking for. It was different than my type of women in the past. I was dating very Southern but love to cook and have a good time!”

Intrigued, Kajuan decided to break the ice. Danyaille happened to be online at the time, which led to a happy surprise. “I reached out to Danni via Flirt, then sent an instant message and got a response in 30 minutes!” exclaims Kajuan.

When Danyaille received the Flirt she naturally took a look at the profile for “Kaym48.” Her quick decision to write back was inspired by “the description of what he wanted in a woman, and he seemed really fun to be around. It was very different than my type before we met, but in a good way.”

Things slowed down a bit from there, as the singles wanted to get better acquainted before taking the next step (a date). “After two months of talking, he started planning stuff,” reports Danyaille. “Our vibes and conversation were really good.”

Kajuan thought they’d done it the right way and it was time to move ahead. “After talking for two months, I was ready to meet and plan our first date,” he says. “We vibed so well and had long and beautiful conversations.”

Danyaille picks up the story there. “We met in Georgia, had a dinner date at my house, and danced on the balcony,” she remembers. Somewhere in all that dining and dancing a lot of discussion went on, too. “We talked about the future, and life,” Kajuan tells us. “She was beautiful, smelled amazing, had beautiful eyes and an amazing smile… And she gives the best hugs!”

Danyaille was impressed, too. “I thought he looked really good, smelled amazing, and was very Northern.”

Despite their early rapport, both singles say they were surprised by “how deeply connected we became when we went on our first date.” Danyaille adds, “I was very sure – 100% – that we would go out again!” Kajuan says, “I was definitely sure, because I had a lot of fun activities planned for us.”

Now that the date is behind them, it’s easy to reflect on each other’s virtues. “I appreciate how generous he is,” Danyaille notes. “He was trying to pay for everything.” Kajuan says, “I appreciate how generous and understanding she is, and very respectful and relaxed. She gave that mellow and cool vibe that everything was going to be okay.”

However, “the distance between us” poses problems, says Danyaille. Kajuan cites as obstacles “the distance, and having a lot of understanding and communication between each other.”

Danyaille remembers where she was and what she was doing when she realized this relationship was unique. “I had just gotten off the phone with him and was lying in bed,” she laughs. Kajuan was similarly situated. “I was on the phone with her and lying in bed, talking about the future and getting to know her.”

Finding each other “gives me something new to experience and to learn,” Danyaille declares. The relationship has had a positive impact on her man, too. “It’s helped me balance my life and learn how to manage time for the important stuff that goes on,” asserts Kajuan.

Any advice for the singles on our site? “Just be open-minded,” Danyaille suggests. “Don’t rush it or force anything. And be safe.”

“Always be honest, be yourself, be open, and continue to choose love always,” Kajuan reminds us.

These two are glad they chose each other!

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  1.   Karesna says:
    Posted: 10 Jan

    Congratulations to you guys, I really wish that I can have a happy ending story just like others. I wish to meet the right man for me.

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  2.   Stellam10 says:
    Posted: 23 Nov 21

    Cograts Danyaille and Kajuan

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  3.   Landi2017 says:
    Posted: 22 Nov 21

    Love such a beautiful thing I wish one day I'll find that perfect man that will love me for me start of beautiful family with me yolandi all the way from Africa

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  4. Posted: 22 Nov 21

    Wao ooo! Quite interesting..... wish you more happiness while expecting mine

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  5.   Brighitte says:
    Posted: 22 Nov 21

    Wishing them happy life

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  6.   Suzingush says:
    Posted: 22 Nov 21

    Waa hope to meet match

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