Even Their Walking Was Compatible

Posted by Leticia, 05 Oct

Martha says it was a mere chance that inspired her to try online dating, and our site was her first experience with it. “This was my second [online personals site],” says the man she met here, Florentinos. Both agree they were “not at all” confident that we were the answer to all their dating problems.

Indeed, it took Florentinos two years and Martha a full year to find love. He says “it was the way she looked” that inspired him to contact the woman whose profile name was “Cutie206” (Martha). “I reached her by sending a Flirt and then a message,” Florentinos informs us.

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What prompted Martha to reply to “Din14” (Florentinos)? “Nothing apart from curiosity,” she admits. In fact, going on their first date was merely “to check whether we were a match or not,” she says. But things did go decidedly well from there… Florentinos says they met in Nairobi and stayed in an apartment in the city. “She looks so attractive,” he remembers thinking when he laid eyes on Martha for the first time, in person. “He looks cool!” Martha thought of her date’s appearance. Okay, that’s two check marks in the “physical attraction” box!

For this duo the most surprising thing about Date No. 1 was how much they loved being together. “During our meet-up we matched perfectly,” says Martha, and Florentinos adds, “We clicked immediately!” Both were happy to discover that the other was “very similar” to what they thought was their type. “Walking, hugging, kissing,” marvels Florentinos, “Everything was so compatible!”

There are usually obstacles of some kind for each couple to hurdle, and these two were no exception. “A job that I need to have” caused complications for Florentinos, he says. Martha reports no stumbling blocks, however, and in time they overcame Florentinos’ professional issue.

The love they share has been transformative. As Florentinos puts it, “I’m happy and I feel confident now! She accepted me.” Martha considers the acceptance a two-way street. “I feel great because I found a man who accepted me for who I am,” she declares.

Who they are, now, is a happy couple.

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