When Wimpy Is a Good Thing

Posted by Leticia, 31 Oct

Jane joined our site and, two months later, clicked with someone special. “That’s what I want,” Jane remembers thinking when she looked at Wim’s three-week-old profile. You don’t see usernames like “Wimpie71” every day, but with his name being Wim this fellow went for self-deprecating humor. “His photos and his open-mindedness” impressed Jane, so she began chatting with Wim.

What prompted Wim to post a profile on our site? “I like black women,” he says. Simple as that! Their conversations went so well that Jane went to visit Wim in Dendermonde, Belgium, where he lives. Looking at him in the flesh, she remembers thinking, “He looks good!” Despite the distance between them, the pair elected to keep dating. Both say they were at work, thinking of each other when they realized they wouldn’t let geographical disadvantages discourage them.

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Asked what they appreciate about each other that their dating profiles didn’t convey, Jane and Wim get coy with us. “I can’t say that here,” Jane laughs. “It’s private,” adds Wim. “She’s my woman!” This is all Jane will say about their relationship now: “I love him.”

Every newly minted couple has some suggestion for the singles on our site, and this duo is no exception. “Keep believing in it,” urges Jane. Wim’s words of wisdom are, “Have patience, and most of all, be yourself!”

Don’t be afraid of racking up some frequent flyer miles, either, if you can swing it.

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  1.   SkyGal18 says:
    Posted: 03 Jan 20

    So encouraging. I'm still hopeful of finding my love in the site.

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  2.   china247 says:
    Posted: 05 Oct 19

    Wow such a wonderful story, I'm happy for guy's may your love be filled with joy and happiness.

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  3.   kathy26lyn says:
    Posted: 09 Jan 19

    I'm still waiting my soulmate and I wish I found him here as soon as possible

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