Secrets you don't know about negotiation - Part 3

Posted by Jordan, 10 Mar

Once again, professional negotiator and “Countable” CPO, Alex Kouts joins us on this show for the final round of this best negotiation secrets. In case you missed the previous episodes, check them out here: Part 1 and Part 2. It is very important to pay attention to your internal emotional experiences during any negotiation. How you react to any situation is crucial. People normally judge the success or failure of a negotiation based on the tactics used (not accepting the first offer, making the other side reactive, get to no). But one thing people don’t realize is that the success or failure of a negotiation is usually based on the very human, internal factors.

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Want to learn about ways to extract more data from someone in a negotiation by simply rephrasing your or asking the other side to clarify a statement they have already made? Do you want to know how to accurately gauge the emotional telegraphing of others? For these and lots more, listen to this final part of this series. This is the last part of this three-part series. series. Make sure to check out part 1 and part 2. Hope you learned a lot and enjoyed.

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