How to Follow Life's Greenlights to Success

Posted by Jordan, 20 Jan

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If you think you knew everything about actor Matthew McConaughey I bet you didn't know that he is a man who is constantly reinventing himself and inviting new challenges into his life. He has advanced from a mere indie film scene-stealer to the rom-com guy to Academy Award-winner over a career that’s been a mixture of cleverly calculated next steps to serendipitous adventures.

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But all along the way the “greenlights” of opportunity have been the guide that ushered him toward success (and the awareness that yellow and red lights eventually become green). His latest stop along this journey finds him playing the role of author, and his book is called, appropriately enough, Greenlights.

In this episode, Matthew talks about the sobriety of grief, cultivating self-reliance, imposter syndrome, a philanthropic approach to selecting roles, why having kids changes a parent’s perspective about everything, the hazards of coming to work as an unprepared actor when you have an entire film crew waiting for you to learn four pages of monologue in a foreign language, how to keep criticism from diminishing (or overinflating) one’s self-impression, and much more. Listen, learn, and enjoy!

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