Former CDC's Julie Gerberding Answering Your COVID-19 Questions [Audio]

Posted by Jordan, 20 Apr

In today's episode, we present former CDC director Julie Gerberding to answer the questions asked on social media. Here, we’ll go through some of those questions to get the straight dope and bust some commonly held myths about COVID-19, and understand where we are with treatment, a vaccine, protective equipment, and best methods of prevention.

Highlights of the episode:

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  • What makes COVID-19 so uniquely dangerous compared to other diseases and would-be pandemics we’ve encountered in the past century?
  • Is staying six feet away from other people really safe enough, and will we have to practice social distancing until we get a COVID-19 vaccine?
  • Is the rapid spread of information — and misinformation — by way of the Internet more helpful or hurtful to our efforts to contain the spread of the virus?
  • Why did even our most trusted sources — like the CDC — initially discourage us from wearing masks and now insist on them for leaving the house?
  • How much does political pressure from a presidential administration affect the job of a CDC director?
  • And much more…

Listen, learn, and enjoy!

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