Bonding in Berlin

Posted by Leticia, 14 Nov

The people behind profiles “Sary91” and “StarKids,” Sara and Stanley, stumbled into online dating. “I found your site on Google,” Sara tells us. Stanley says we were recommended by a friend. Neither were terribly confident, they tell us. And yet, three weeks after posting her profile, Sara got a Flirt from Stanley. He’d only been here a month himself…

“We started chatting and getting to know each other better,” Sara explains. She learned right away that Stanley was looking for a serious relationship, and she liked that. Their conversations were magical. Excited to meet in person, this duo was formed in Berlin, where Sara lives. “It was a lovely moment,” she says of meeting Stanley on the other side of their screens. “We had a nice time,” he recalls, nostalgic.

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There was a moment of trepidation, however, over height. “She said she needed someone taller than her,” Stanley says in reference to her profile, “and I was afraid she would be taller than me! If so, she would not be interested… But I WAS taller, and so she was really happy.” In their first few minutes together Stanley was struck by Sara’s beauty and she remembers thinking, “He’s handsome!”

Now that they’re pursuing this relationship, Sara says that her man’s “caring and loving” nature have her convinced that Stanley will make a good partner. He feels the same way. “She’s loving and understanding,” Stanley says of Sara.

“Always believe in what you are doing,” Sarah says to the singles on our site. Meanwhile, Stanley notes that you may have to wait, but what you’re seeking is definitely out there!

These two hope their search is over.

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