The Angel and the Medic

Posted by Leticia, 02 Sep

Working on her MBA in San Diego, Basawa hoped to find someone who would appreciate and respect her goals. With that in mind, she signed up with an online dating service…but was disappointed when they let her down. She joined another…and, again, they failed her. So then she decided to try us. “It was my third site but, honestly – I had no hopes,” Basawa laments. Not even a little confidence in our capacity to help? “Zero,” she laughs.

A medic in the U.S. Navy, Antonio had also tried other sites. “I wasn't expecting to find love here.” But six months after signing up, he stumbled across the profile of a girl with a beautiful smile. He was instantly intrigued by her Indian background and down-to-earth attitude.

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So it was Antonio who made the first move? Basawa nods. “He contacted me first, through instant message.” And how long had she been on the site up till then? “Hardly five months.” She of course looked at his profile, and found that she appreciated “his expectations.”

Basawa admits that there was something else she liked about him. “His interest towards me,” she smiles. “And his optimism!” As they started chatting, Antonio also found something to like that went beyond her profile. “Her innocence, and the trust she had in me.”

Antonio came out to San Diego for their first date. The first time he saw Basawa in person, he thought, “Oh my God… she looks like an angel.” Basawa thought Antonio “was even cuter face to face!”

He stayed seven days, and according to Basawa, they “went to the beach and to restaurants, and even worked out together at the gym.” Antonio reveals that they also “spent one whole day playing at Dave and Busters and then went go-carting.” Sounds like fun!

More importantly, this match was perfect. “I was so sure that we were going to end up getting married,” Basawa declares. “He had so much patience, and was a true gentleman.” Says Antonio, “She was the person I had been dreaming about all my life.”

That said, Basawa admits that there were obstacles at first. “Of course my mom wouldn’t agree because Antonio’s a Christian, and not Indian.” Antonio gives us a rueful nod. “Gaining the trust of her mom WAS a challenge!”

And don’t forget that this was a long-distance relationship — Basawa was studying in San Diego and Antonio was a medic in Chicago.

But Antonio knew it would happen. “One day we were having a conversation about fathers, and she told me the story of where she came from and what her life had been like. I was so moved I decided that even if it didn’t work out for us, I wanted to be her friend and offer any kind of support she needed.” But then, the very next day, “We proposed to each other at the same time.” He laughs. “That was the happiest moment ever!”

Love has completely changed Basawa’s life. “I have nothing…literally worry about except my educational goals.” Antonio reveals that until now he feared he’d never have a committed relationship. “But now I know I have a long-long commitment to my angel,” he says, giving Basawa a kiss.

When asked to give advice to other online daters, Basawa is quick to answer. “If you like someone, don't be shy to express it. You might lose someone who could change your life forever.” Antonio simply adds, “Just be genuine and open to each other.”

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  1.   Lee079 says:
    Posted: 31 Jul 23

    I wish you guys a happy relationship I can’t wait to be connected like this but still trusting God

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  2.   CEOCWMFX says:
    Posted: 15 Dec 21

    Awesome people awesome story. Anthony Constantinou CEO CWM FX just loved your narration

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  3.   Kingkev67 says:
    Posted: 10 Mar 18

    Sounds dreamy. Left out some things. Imagine that.

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  4.   Jennykuan says:
    Posted: 30 Nov 16

    Beautiful people with beautiful story, i hope this will happen to me, that is the reaso i signed up this site

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  5.   vanny1966 says:
    Posted: 12 Sep 16

    Beautiful couple and lovely story stay blessed

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  6.   Cherry314 says:
    Posted: 10 Sep 16

    Beautiful story !

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