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Watch: He Doesn't Value You? Here's How to Change Him.

Posted by Matthew, 29 Sep 16

Why do so many women allow guys to get away with treating them so carelessly? Is it because she’s scared of losing him? Or she’s worried he’ll get annoyed if she’s too honest about her feelings?

So why does he treat you casually? The simple answer is: You let him. You may not be able to change his bad behavior but you can change how you react when he does.

If you’ve ever been one of those women who is always waiting for him to change his behavior, this video will transform your relationships with men forever...

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Matthew Hussey is a renowned dating expert and author. His latest dating book Get The Guy is a New York Times bestseller. He's the go-to relationship expert for Rachael Ray, Katie Couric, Ryan Seacrest, Meredith Vieira and many others. And he's a relationship columnist for Cosmopolitan magazine and the resident love expert for "The Today Show." Here he shares his proven strategies to get a man to do anything you want, from tirelessly pursuing you to treating you like a goddess to committing to you for life.

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  1. Posted: 02 Oct 16

    I agree NYGriego. You can not change a person. There is an old saying that when someone tells you who they are believe them. Women tend to try to change a man and it does not work. You either accept him warts and all or move on.

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  2.   NYGriego says:
    Posted: 02 Oct 16

    Get real, you can't change a person. People are who they are! What's that say about someone who wants to change everyone? Insecurity issues deep within themselves? Perfectionists? I know plenty of guys who tried to be "Captain Save-A-Ho" in my youth and did nothing but waste their time and efforts. Equally, women who "felt sorry" or "wanted to help" a person found no success. If you don't like or can't accept a person for who they are, move on.

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