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Is he/she too hot for you? Really?

Posted by Matthew, 06 Apr

Most of us lose ourselves when we around someone whom we think looks way better than us. Some of us get intimidated by the other person’s hotness to the extent of losing our charisma and the ability to be witty. Basically, we just become weird.

One reason is... we put this other person on a pedestal and get crazily nervous around them.

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In this video, I look at more underlying reasons for this craziness and answer the above question. Do you really believe he or she is too hot for you? Watch the video first ... then give us your answer and comments.

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7 responses to "Is he/she too hot for you? Really?"

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  1.   erberry says:
    Posted: 25 Jul 15

    I call that inferiority complex

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  2. Posted: 18 Jun 14

    I think what he said is true. I know from my personal experiences. Most all the men iv'e dated put me on a pedestal and because of the fact i get hit on countless times a day bothers them. They become insecure if already are not and jealous which ruins our relationship. It sucks pretty girls don't have it made like you think we do

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    • SexyFunMatt says:
      Posted: 07 Jun 15

      It goes for guys also. My last relationship was just like that..It was a fight each day to see who was going to be the "trophy" for the time being...what a mental mind-game It suck for good looking guys and girls

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  3.   MrRight4u2 says:
    Posted: 30 May 14

    these are negative warning signs in my book: - women that show silly expressions at first glance - women that obviously have been approached countless times - no eye contact. - clinging to friends as an exit all these are red lights that get you nowhere. i simply would rather date a less attractive person that is totally into me

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  4.   cakelady1 says:
    Posted: 05 May 14

    I feel if each person is shallow then they will have a shallow relationship. I think in the beginning there is a mutual attraction and once you get to know someone the feelings develop and appearance is secondary.

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  5.   Jeff2014 says:
    Posted: 26 Apr 14

    Well i think that people who use their looks for love or for dating and flirting are the ones who have got no idea about it at all... And the woman who go for looks, money and all the rest of that fancy stuff will never be happy... It's the reason why there are so many breakups, divorces and unhappy families... People get together for looks and money and thats it, then they start a family because they think its going to save the relationships and the kids are the ones who suffer in the end... By not having both their parents in their lives every day!!!!!!!

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