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Is Love Still Possible in 2020?

Posted by Matthew, 15 Jun

I hope you’re doing OK. I just wanted to let you know that Jameson and I have just finished putting the final touches on our brand new video and it’s ready for you to watch right now...

This video is an honest look at what the near future of dating could look like for you if you’re single right now.

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Even as parts of the world open up again, a vaccine appears to be at least 8-12 months away. That means that for about another year, there will be some significant implications for our dating lives.

Is it safe to go out on dates in the coming months? When should you meet up with someone you’ve been talking to? How do you deal with awkward moments like the first hello where you would normally hug each other? Is there an elegant way to communicate what level of contact you are comfortable with?

These are all questions I answer in this video. At the beginning of COVID-19, I made a video outlining the immediate impact of this virus on our love lives. Consider this a round 2, but this time with a focus on the future of dating. A kind of “State of Our Unions” address for 2020, if you will.

I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments, and please share with anyone who is anxious or concerned with the future of their dating life.

There is reason for hope, my friend.

As ever, I’m thinking of you as we go through this together.

Matthew Hussey is a renowned dating expert and author. His latest dating book Get The Guy is a New York Times bestseller. He's the go-to relationship expert for Rachael Ray, Katie Couric, Ryan Seacrest, Meredith Vieira and many others. And he's a relationship columnist for Cosmopolitan magazine and the resident love expert for "The Today Show." Here he shares his proven strategies to get a man to do anything you want, from tirelessly pursuing you to treating you like a goddess to committing to you for life.

8 responses to "Is Love Still Possible in 2020?"

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  1.   EmmaOloo says:
    Posted: 10 Feb 21

    I'm tired of dating sites

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  2.   Brunsugah says:
    Posted: 04 Jul 20

    The popularity of dating sites seems to have ruined the quality of meeting people online. People are allowed to choose sleazy profile names and sexually laden profiles with the dating site moderators not doing anything to stop them. This in turn leads to these people writing crazy messages. Online dating has gone downhill. Love is in a coma in 2020. Sites need to clean up the profiles and behaviourals so genuine people can find online.

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    • Tilly-Lala says:
      Posted: 11 Jul 20

      I totally agree with you,there are lot of fake people and so disrespectful. I just feel discouraged to continue with my search using online....

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  3.   BlkRayvin says:
    Posted: 21 Jun 20

    I do believe love is still possible in 2020, however it is so so so hard to come by, I read up on all of these articles and look at all of these videos and none of the advice given is working. I am a member of three different dating sites and they are not cheap, the men on the sites say one thing in their profile and when you start conversing with them they turn out to be complete, porn site loving pervs, who get right to the point of having sex and how "Big" they are along with their favorite positions.....Yeah I am over this Shit!!! If my soulmate is out there, he is going to have to find me because Lord knows my funds are running thin trying to do my part so that the Lord can do Lord the floor is Yours, have...... Your....... way!

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    • dancelvr says:
      Posted: 21 Jun 20

      I was trying to leave a "like" but for someone reason it won't let me. I totally agree with you on what it has been like here. Just blocked someone recently for same reason.

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      • Mizcardio123 says:
        Posted: 26 Jun 20

        Ok ladies, I thought it was just me who was getting this! I had one dude send me ton of nudes within hours of us chatting. WTH???

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