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Men vs Women. Who Suffers More in a Breakup? {VIDEO}

Posted by Matthew, 28 Dec

Did you know that men and women respond differently to breakups? My brother Stephen and I talked about recent research that showed differences in how men and women process emotional pain, how long they take to recover from heartbreak, and how likely they are to want to get back together.

Of course, we are all individuals, and our response will also be determined by our own personality and experiences, but it's always interesting to see these general patterns of male and female behaviour and whether they conform with our stereotypes.

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What do you think? Have you noticed any of these differences in your own relationships?

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  1.   Sliiimdoll says:
    Posted: 06 Jan 22

    I think both parties especially when there's a real connection . Becarful who you give yourself to. They may not be the person you wanted them to be . Let's normalize taking our time to get to know, feel one another out. Rather then rushing to the big climax. What's meant for you will not leave you . Good luck to us all on our search!

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  2. Posted: 03 Jan 22

    Hmm With simple reasoning I would think that the one that "suffers' the most would generally be the "weaker" of the 2 in the relationship. It is not gender specific.

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  3.   Kev105 says:
    Posted: 02 Jan 22

    I think men do. Usually when there is a break up it's because mentally the woman has been over it long before the breakup is official

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