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The BRUTAL Truth About How to Make Long-Distance Relationships Work

Posted by Matthew, 10 Aug

For a long time, I thought it was crazy how many women asked me to talk about the topic of long-distance relationships. But now, I realize the reason is obvious: In 2017, more of us are doing long-distance relationships than ever.

You meet a great guy on Instagram who doesn’t live in the same country... You start dating the perfect man in your city, only to find out he’s been offered a new job 1000 miles away... And suddenly, you find yourself having “Skype dates”, and you now spend half your work day sending silly photos to each other on Whatsapp.

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You feel like you’re falling in love with this guy – but can it actually work long term?? Should you follow your heart and go for it, or should you listen to your head and call it quits? What’s the answer?

These are big questions, so I decided this it was time to be super honest about long-distance and my thoughts on it.

Here’s what you really need to know...

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  1.   myabayona says:
    Posted: 22 Feb 18

    back to the point, i don't know who or when, long distance relationship was defined to being a ticket to getting nudity, does any other girl suffer from men constantly asking for nudes as if its the interpretation and the only way of making it work??? it can happen so many times with different people to the point you actually question yourself if that is how it works....

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  2.   myabayona says:
    Posted: 22 Feb 18

    i have a crash on this Matthew Hussey, he lives me drooling....

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  3.   Lizhbs says:
    Posted: 27 Sep 17

    He/they made some very interesting points. There's a question on here that asks if one is willing to relocate. Realistically, I'd go anywhere, anyway (I'm on the verge of leaving my hometown for good, but I'm planning it out so that there aren't too many hiccups with the process), so that point is moot. Because I am honest, and, like Matthew, believe that physical intimacy is a large component in a relationship, I was initially unwilling to give this online venture a try. Plus, sending nudes/videos seems like it will be tedious after a short time. What changed my perspective was the fact that, like he mentioned, my time is not what I'd like it to be to actively get out in the world (I work odd hours in addition to my other personal responsibilities), and I need to live my own personal motto: Be brave and bold. Small truth, we all have no real idea how to go about this dating thing, at least I can say I don't. It would be nice when something works for the two people involved, especially if you're really, truly honest (online honesty can be fallacious) about your expectations. IF you want it bad enough, I believe a long distance relationship will work in the end. Yeah, there's going to be some hitches, but if at first you don't succeed, yadda yadda yadda...

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    • Gdluckcharm says:
      Posted: 15 Jul 18

      Lizhbs, I think you have made some very interesting comments. Since I first joined this site, in hopes of meeting my match, I've experienced guys who either don't read the profiles or simply don't care. The "relocation" question is very important to me because I simply refuse to date locally. It's not that I want to cheat or cause doubt, but I was born here. All the guys I've met so far, on this site, have issues with distance. They think "if you're out of my site/range, then you're cheating". There are still good women and men out here who can successfully maintain a happy, healthy relationship regardless of distance. None of them want to try anything new or out of their comfort zone.

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