How to stop the toxic instinct to blame other people

Posted by Jordan, 28 Apr

If you are quick to point a finger elsewhere, join the club. Well, much as blaming others is instinctive, it's a toxic pattern that ruins relationships, makes workplaces become dysfunctional and generally breeds stagnation in our lives. Blame has become epidermic. Blaming others robs one of being truly in control of one's life. Equally, accepting blame when you are not at fault is equally toxic.

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In this 'deep dive' episode, Gabriel Mizrahi delves into why the impulse for blaming others for our own mistakes is familiar to most of us. He also tells us how we can curb it without taking the fall when one doesn't deserve it in what he dubs the Accountability Spectrum. He also shares with us the best antidote to blaming... And many more... Listen, learn, and enjoy!

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