Bonding in Joburg

Posted by Leticia, 15 Oct

Now married, Wendy and Markus can look back on what led them to this happy juncture in their lives. She cites the wisdom of others as her reason for posting a profile on our site, saying “friends told me” to sign up. This was Wendy’s first experience with online dating. Markus says that having “no women” in his area to date is what motivated him to give us a shot, but notes that he’d been on other sites already. He was “very confident” that the decision to date online would pay off. Wendy was equally optimistic!

A few months after starting their memberships, a provident connection was made. For Markus, it was Wendy’s looks that caught his eye, initially. Though she wasn’t really his usual type, he went ahead and “sent an email to Wendy,” recalls Markus. After reading the message Wendy checked out his profile and it met with her approval. What compelled her to reply were his photos, as he was “a lot” like the guys she wanted to date.

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Once their conversations became a regular thing, they bonded quickly. “We were talking a long time on What’s App,” notes Wendy, which led to their first real-life interactions. “I trusted her,” says Markus about his decision to meet Wendy in person.

So they met in “Joburg” (Johannesburg, South Africa). She describes their activities that day as “eating, took a walk, had fun.” Apparently, Markus’ physical stature surprised Wendy, as she remembers thinking, “He’s small!” when she first laid eyes on him in person. Markus tells us Wendy was prettier than her pictures. “Love at first sight” is how he remembers it. Wendy agrees, saying, “We fell in love immediately!”

After this, they were both 100% certain they should go out again, so they did. Over time their relationship grew stronger and stronger. And so, “after a nice meal and a wonderful evening,” Markus proposed to Wendy. She was thrilled to accept! They would ultimately walk down the aisle and become husband and wife.

“You must try,” she urges singles who may be on the fence about Internet personals. And when it comes to the decisions you make after that, “Listen to your gut,” Markus advises everyone.

Today he’s sure glad his gut told him to pursue Wendy’s affection.

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  1.   JoySlimm says:
    Posted: 29 Nov 21

    Congratulations and best wishes

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  2.   Porcupine20 says:
    Posted: 02 Oct 21

    Lol I laughed at "He is small"

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  3.   Phumy23 says:
    Posted: 31 Jul 21

    Beautiful couple! All the best in your marriage. ❤️

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  4.   Sun86 says:
    Posted: 24 Mar 20

    Oooh wow so inspiring. Best wishes for a long for together.

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  5.   alovex2 says:
    Posted: 23 Mar 20

    Best wishes. Lovely couple.

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