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Raise Your Hand If You're Tired of Black Men Telling the World Who Black Women DON'T Like.

Posted by Christelyn, 12 Jan

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First, it was Chris Rock. Now it’s Steve Harvey.

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Both of these comedians freely claim to know with absolute certainty who black women want to date. Steve Harvey thinks neither white women or black women want to date Asian men.

This from the Angry Asian Man blog:

Here’s how to blatantly shit on Asian men on nationally syndicated television. Thank you, Steve Harvey. The tiresome comedian/host kicked off Friday’s edition of the Steve Harvey Show with a segment highlighting and mocking a bunch of goofy, useless self-help books. Weird titles like Knitting With Dog Hair, How to Have Sex in the Woods… and, ahem, How to Date a White Woman: A Practical Guide for Asian Men.

Yes, this is an actual book, written by somebody named Adam Quan and available on Amazon. Longtime readers will remember that we all laughed at it and rolled our eyes way back in 2004.

The book is moronic, and deserving of all the ridicule it has received over the years. But Harvey doesn’t devote too much time making fun of the book. Instead, he sets his sights broadly on Asian men and gleefully mocks the seemingly outrageous notion that anyone, white or otherwise, would want to go out with an Asian men.

“That’s one page too!” Harvey says. “‘Excuse me, do you like Asian men?’ No. ‘Thank you.’ How to Date a Black Woman: A Practical Guide [for] Asian Men. Same thing. ‘You like Asian men?’ I don’t even like Chinese food. It don’t stay with you no time… I don’t eat what I can’t pronounce.”

I wonder if people realize how incredibly hurtful it is to hear that the group you belong to by birth is universally unwanted outside of the race you belong to, and many times, those members have a lot to say about how they don’t want you either.

Here’s to black women and Asian men getting together and blasian armies to chin-check these idiots. #AMBW

Christelyn Karazin is the co-author of Swirling: How to Date, Mate and Relate, Mixing Race, Culture and Creed. She also operates the popular blog, Beyond Black & White, and operate the first forum dedicated to black women interested and/or involved in interracial relationships.

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  1.   Ruth116 says:
    Posted: 23 Apr

    Who cares what Steve Harvey has to say! We love whom we will and if that chump doesn't like it, he can pound sand! The same thing goes for the other rotten BM's who've said that no one would want me

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  2.   Danielle39 says:
    Posted: 14 Apr 23


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  3.   IMIRI says:
    Posted: 07 Nov 17

    I had a wonderful Asian man, My boyfriend, Tall and handsome, Tingfan is his name. He was exchange student came here to study. We were good together, We were a normal couple. At times I would say I am fat, He would tell me, No fat, he loved me for who I am, I loved him for who he is. He is a good man, great heart. I was very proud being with him and he felt the same. Unfortunately, he finished his studies and went back to China, We still keep in touch, he wants me to go there and teach English, as I am a Preschool teacher. He wants to be with me. We were good together. Its been 8 years of great friendship and love. I miss him and is considering moving to China to be with him. People can talk, or make jokes, that' s what humans are good for. Everyone have an opinion, who cares. You know what I say, MIND YA BUSINESS....LOL

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  4.   Miri1212 says:
    Posted: 30 May 17

    That's just ignorant. Once we got past the Hollywood stereotypes, women all over the world are aware of the many drop dead gorgeous Asian men around. There may be some cultural hurdles if they are absent from or new to Western culture, but that's about it.

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  5.   pinkpnk4 says:
    Posted: 20 Jan 17

    Steve I was dating a black guy so abuse me so I hate to date black guys

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  6. Posted: 15 Jan 17

    No one can speak for BW but BW I am getting sick and tired of people speaking for us. My family does not care who I date or marry, and my family is very mixed with people of different races.

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  7. Posted: 15 Jan 17

    I will be the first to raise my hand. My favorite uncle is of Asian descent and I love him like I do my other uncles. My Aunt married my uncle have been married for almost 40 years and still going strong.

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