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How to Finally Stop the Agony of Waiting for His Text {VIDEO}

Posted by Matthew, 26 Jul

Your phone buzzes. It’s a text from him ;) You can feel your stomach flip over with excitement. Every message he sends is like sweet honey for your brain.

“Damn”, you think, “I’m an addict.” And then you fire a cute message back. And you wait...and wait…

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“Why isn’t he replying?” you want to scream to your friend on the couch next to you. But she’s too busy with her phone to notice. You try to shift focus, but you obsessively check for a text every 30 seconds.

Sound familiar?

We’ve all had this agony of “anxious waiting” with someone we like. It’s distracting, it’s unattractive, and it drains you of your peace of mind every minute you sit in limbo.

If you’re sick of waiting for his text and want to finally take back your power, watch this...

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  1.   8ettiner says:
    Posted: 15 Jan 20

    It seemed ok at first until he went quiet. Was I so interested in Him? No! He was the one who was more interested in me. Why did he go suddenly stop texting me! My answers were positive, I can't believe that I found myself hurting that he did that. We could have been friends or may be more. Life goes on. Got a lot to explore. Thanks for the advise

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  2. Posted: 29 Jul 18

    oh thanks mr obvious! wow lame

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