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7 Surprising Signs a Guy Really Likes You

Posted by Matthew, 04 Jul

If you’ve ever wondered, “does he like me,” “how to get a guy to like you,” or “does he love me,” then you don’t want to miss this video...

“I know a guy who acts really charming and friendly, but I have no idea if he actually LIKES me!” It’s annoying, right? Especially if the guy is a naturally charismatic guy anyway. How do you know if he has eyes for you, or if he’s just like that with every woman he meets?

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Taking the risk of putting yourself on the line for this guy could mean embarrassment, rejection, or make things super-awkward between you both later on. You need to know when you have the green light. You need to be sure when it’s ok to flirt and test the waters.

In this week’s blog video then, I’m going to show you the 7 obvious signs a guy REALLY likes you. It’s easy to miss these classic behaviors that show his interest, but trust me: guys are much more predictable than you would think... Watch and learn...

Matthew Hussey is a renowned dating expert and author. His latest dating book Get The Guy is a New York Times bestseller. He's the go-to relationship expert for Rachael Ray, Katie Couric, Ryan Seacrest, Meredith Vieira and many others. And he's a relationship columnist for Cosmopolitan magazine and the resident love expert for "The Today Show." Here he shares his proven strategies to get a man to do anything you want, from tirelessly pursuing you to treating you like a goddess to committing to you for life.

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  1.   Guegue15 says:
    Posted: 15 Jun 18

    Sometimes they act like they like you but they waste your time and energy...

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  2. says:
    Posted: 24 Jan 17

    hello dear.

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  3.   violet197 says:
    Posted: 24 Dec 16


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