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Matthew Hussey Gives 9 Tips on How to "Get the Guy" Do You Agree?

Posted by Christelyn, 10 Apr 14

Matthew Hussey, relationship coach and best-selling author of the "Get the Guy" recently did a video he says is a can help you get the guy you want in nine steps. Some of the advice is a bit...unconventional, like skipping a shower and showing up in your pajamas if that's what you feel most comfortable doing. Some others:

  • Make a man "work" for your attention
  • Your perfect partner could be online right now...

    What are you looking for?

  • Never approach the guy, but sneak your number in his pocket
  • Some advice about texting

Take a gander and see if you might be able to integrate any of these tips into your everyday dating life.

And in case you're totally rethinking this man's credibility, this is a big, fat, joke.

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  1. Posted: 03 May 14

    Oh dear! Don't know if I am to laugh out loud or smack my forehead...this is so hilarious. A woman who does any of the above may have the guy labelling her a stalker...hmmm

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