10 Swooningly Romantic Spots for A Date In Dallas

Posted by Leticia, 18 Jan

Strolling hand –in-hand in a perfect place and at the perfect time; when everything seems right and good in the world. It is THE perfect everything, which takes your partner’s breath away, as well as your own, and melts your two hearts into one. Perhaps it is the time to pop the question, or to find a place to sit and talk about your future. Whatever the case, there is no better place for romance than Dallas to create the perfect backdrop for a delightful evening. Here are ten suggestions for the perfect romantic date.

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  • Speaking of strolling hand-in-hand, White Rock Lake features over nine miles of walking paths and woods. An opportunity for romance awaits while walking through secluded woods, seeming as if you two are the only people for miles. Take your partner to the lake with a picnic basket, blanket and a bottle of your favorite vino in tow, drift and dream the afternoon away.
  • A private Gondola ride for two in Las Colinas along the Mandalay Canal and Lake Carolyn is a great way to create that perfect tranquil atmosphere. Add a bottle of champagne while your Gondola slides along the calm waters, and you have the recipe for romance.
  • If your partner is into romantic water venues, take a sunset cruise on the lake. Imagine gliding along the lake with a view of the sunset on the horizon. Add a wine tasting to the cruise, and sample chilled wine while a cool breeze sifts through your hair. This is one evening that will put your partner in the mood for romance.
  • If an air excursion is your partner’s desire, take a helicopter sunset tour of Dallas, followed by dinner. Your sweetheart’s head will remain in the clouds with a romantic dinner at Antares in Reunion Tower, 50 stories above the ground, or at Wolfgang Puck’s Five Sixty, 560 feet off ground, atop Reunion Tower.
  • For a little romantic get-away, take the Trinity Railway Express train to Fort Worth. The train from Dallas to Fort Worth reeks with that old time railroad ambiance. Imagine days-gone-by, and feel the car rolling along the track, swaying in rhythm to your sweet nothings whispered in your partner’s ear. Treat yourselves to a romantic dinner at many of Fort Worth’s intimate dining experiences, such as Saint Emilion. France was never so close. Then, top the romantic evening off with a night at one of Fort Worth’s boutique hotels, such as The Ashton Hotel.
  • Take your romantic partner for a stroll and nibble in a chocolate shop. Sample the exotic candy preparations at Dude, Sweet Chocolate, including Love Potion #3. It is a wonderful and sublime way to show your sweetheart just how sweet he or she is in your heart.
  • If your partner likes music, take her to SOHO Food and Jazz club. It is a five star restaurant with an intimate setting in an elegant dining room. Enjoy the original art work and the saltwater aquarium. It is a great place for a romantic date. The House of Blues is always a good choice for a variety of music sounds, with a dining experience that complements the music venue.
  • For a throw-back date, take a short drive to Ennis to the Galaxy Drive-In. Authentic vintage car speakers with your date sitting next to you, is reminiscent of the 1950’s and 1960’s. Perfect for snuggling.

  • Go for a winery tour. There are several wineries in the area to choose from, and a great way to have a romantic daytime date. Enjoy multiple tastings paired with a varying array of cheeses, appetizers, and desserts. Note that if you are a senior, there are tours just for seniors, with an appropriate discount.
  • If your date loves horses, take a ride at an area ranch, such at Marshall Creek Ranch. A trail ride within 12,000 wooded acres surrounding a beautiful lake will make your equestrian and nature sweetheart reel with love and gratefulness for your insight as to his or her passion for horses. Follow the trail ride with a stroll in the Trammel Crow Center and Sculpture Garden, which displays the “Horse for Alvear Monument” by Antoine Bourdelle, or the proclaimed largest equestrian sculpture in the world, the nine bronze wild horses of the Mustangs of Las Colinas Museum Exhibit. Finish off your equestrian date with a cocktail at the Mangolia Hotel, with the neon flying Pegasus above.

  • Whatever you or your romantic partner’s interests, there is a place for every couple to go in Dallas, where they can “spark” and feel truly romantic and special.

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