10 Fun Filled Date Ideas For Manhattan

Posted by Leticia, 12 Jan

Manhattan. Sophisticated, exciting, fun filled, just the perfect place for a great date. With so much to choose from, it’s hard to pick the very best things to do, but, here are ten ideas for dates that offer the very essence of Manhattan.

1. Visit China Town

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Manhattan’s China Town has one of the biggest urban Chinese populations in the US. It simply oozes history, and there are amazing things to see, buy and eat at every turn. Begin your date at Chatham Square, and explore just as the mood takes you. The Mahayana Buddhist Temple is a must, and don’t miss Ai Ichiban, where you can sample delicious and unusual Chinese sweets.

2. Night Photography

Take a field trip and learn how to take stunning photographs at night, or with a flash, or even how to take fashion shots. Photomanhattan offers a variety of day and evening courses on a whole variety of subjects starting at around $65. Fun and unusual, bring out your creative side and enjoy learning something new together.

3. A Journey Into The Past

Everyone originated from somewhere else, and many people had forbears who passed through Ellis Island. A trip out to the statue of Liberty and a tour of Ellis Island has a lot of meaning for New Yorkers – time to explore the past, research your family history, and imagine what those great great, great, grandparents must have felt when they reached New York. A little touristy maybe, but a sentimental journey worth making.

4. See a Woodie Allan Movie

It’s a rare night when you won’t find a Woody Allen movie being screened somewhere in New York, but if you can’t, then stay home, turn down the lights, and line up the two greats – “Annie Hall” and “Manhattan”. Visit your favorite deli first, so that you can enjoy a bottle of wine and a picnic on the sofa. With these wonderful iconic New York romance movies to enjoy – it’s movie night with a difference.

5. Roam Chelsea

New York is famously a series of villages, and Chelsea is a favorite. Chelsea is one of the best places to shop for fabulous and unusual food at foodie heaven, the Chelsea Market, as well as rare finds at that art book mecca, 192 Books. There are many delightful eateries in this area, so finding a place for lunch or supper or just a snack is no problem at all. In summer time, try Alta Linea, at the High Line Hotel, for light Mediterranean inspired food and great frozen Negronis. In winter, the Breslin Bar and Dining room serves the kind of unctuous traditional meat based food which your mom told you would “stick to your ribs.”

6. Books and Beer

For a hip vibe and a wonderful selection of second hand books, try the Housing Works Bookstore Café, where you can sort through the latest literary offerings or treasures from the dim and distant past, complete with a beer in hand from the café at the back. Or the ultimate book lovers’ paradise, the Strand – less atmosphere, but eighteen miles of books to get yourself lost in. If you're into comics and graphic books, take your date to Forbidden Planet, near Union Square, for a feast of fantasy and fun.

7. One If By Land, Two If By Sea

This mysteriously named and very romantic restaurant in Greenwich Village is a delightful place for a Sunday brunch, which will usually be accompanied by live jazz piano. The atmosphere is upscale and pampered, the food is perfection in modern American cuisine. A serious, grown up venue for an intimate date. The beef Wellington is truly memorable.

8. Hudson River Park

This 500 acre playground is a great place to spend a day. You can kayak, play mini golf, take the dogs for a run, ride the carousel, even learn to fly on the trapeze, and there are always special events to enjoy, plus of course, the traditional food vendors – who’s for hot dogs and ice cream cones? If your date comes with a kid or two, this a good place for the whole family to enjoy fresh air and fun.

9. Wanna Dance, Dance, Dance

There are many cool night spots where you and your date can dance, and they come in and out of fashion as fast as the beat of a butterfly’s wing. Current favorites are the Latin funk inspired Bembe, where you can Samba and Salsa the night away in an atmosphere which is seriously about dancing. Head up to the Bowery to The Jane, which has a strange and eclectically decorated ballroom; call in advance to find out what’s going on.

10. The Whitney

MOMA rules, but the Whitney comes second when it comes to all things art. Famous for special exhibitions, check out the marvellous Frank Stella retrospective, and enjoy a light meal in the rather cool café.

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