Out of Africa

Posted by Leticia, 20 May

Just a note of thanks to your site for providing the place for my husband and I to meet. Ola and I met first in December 2006 through your website. After my initially turning his letter down, he emailed me again and I responded.

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Our friendship grew and love soon began to flourish. Turmoil erupted many times because we so badly loved each other. I was in Minnesota (USA) and he was in Serrukunda, The Gambia (Africa). After a few months, Ola proposed marriage by asking my mother for her blessings. Of course this was done over the internet just as our whole relationship had been built.

With many doubts from family and friends, Ola and I were wed in Serrukunda, The Gambia, Africa. This was my first time traveling out of the country and the first time I met Ola, all in the week that we were wed! We come from two different worlds, but were brought together by destiny, chance, and your site. Thank you so much!


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