Don’t let differences sabotage your relationship

Posted by James, 22 Nov

Diversity is a good thing. It makes us dynamic. Much as physics tells us opposites attract, it may not always be the case when it comes to relationships … in this case its safe to say opposites don’t attract forever. We all have our differences but we shouldn’t let these potential deal-breakers sabotage a rather good relationship.

So you are Jewish and he Catholic. Both of you are faithful; and that’s a big connection. All you have to do is respect each other’s religion and make plans early enough in the relationship to avoid future ‘holy wars.’ If she is a neat freak and you aren’t, ask her to make a list of the messes that irk her THE MOST! then try and make small sacrifices coz these mean more to a woman if they are born of sincerity. Or better yet, ask if you can bring another woman home … to clean you perv!

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I could go on and on … from the financial differences where on racks up the debt while the other is busy pumping money into the savings account to the bedroom differences where one wants some everyday and the other has a headache everyday.

See, the differences aren’t the issue. What really matters is how couples actively deal with their emotional response to their differences.

So, what differences do you and your spouse have to battle with MOST! And how best have you dealt with or are you trying to deal with them? Share with the rest of us. I know I could learn a thing or two.

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