Dating for the single dad

Posted by James, 23 Aug 07

Dating on its own is just hard enough even for singles… now imagine how hard it must be for single dads raising kids alone. Since there is so much support and advice for single mothers, I figures it was time to include the singles dads since men too get joint/sole custody or widowed.

One thing that usually makes it difficult for a single father is that most women usually expect the men they are dating to place them at the top of their priority lists… even before work and family. If this is quite hard for a single guy to keep up with, how is a full time single dad expected to date when the kids have to come first? Check out this one for example: He has got so much in his hands... should drinking beer come before feeding the baby and dressing himself up? Now add a woman to that equation :lol:

Well here is the first rule of dating for single dads… BE SELECTIVE. Would you rather go through dozens of bad relationships princesses that want undivided attention or wait around for a woman who appreciates and understands the primacy of your role as a father? Much as most women like coming first, there are those realistic ones who not only accept that being a Dad comes first, but also find it VEEEERY SEXY ;-)

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So where are these women? I have nothing against women who go to bars and clubs, but if that is your hunting ground, then expect the younger and less mature women. Shift your gear to coffee shops and book clubs. Don't be afraid to date single mothers… you both share dedication to family and share many experiences.

And don't forget the all times sakes favorite… online dating sites. Once you find the right woman online, introduce her to the kids. Do this delicately and make sure the kids realize that your lady can never replace their mother. Hope that helps guys.

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  1.   fkoi says:
    Posted: 30 Apr 10

    It is rare that a father is granted full custody, although becoming more and more common. It's good to see an article about it.

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  2.   renee24 says:
    Posted: 04 Aug 09

    I agree ichibod I don't know what the hell is going on in that pic are we going to have to call child services?? lol I think it's important for single parents to be safe when choosing a mate because now days people get involved with you to hurt your children so never be to desparate, choose wisely

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  3.   Ichibod says:
    Posted: 28 Jul 09

    Why did James have to choose that picture for the article? That's just wrong. LoL

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  4.   fire321 says:
    Posted: 28 Jul 09

    I have noticed or run across a lot more single dads lately. I met this one guy that has 5 children (ages 8 to 18) and he's raising them alone. I give him much props but I am not taking on that responsibility. I don't mind if a man has children but 5 is a bit much. Not to mention I have 2 of my own living at home, as well. That's too many people in one place...hehe

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  5.   sassykae says:
    Posted: 17 Dec 08

    Now this is refreshing, someone finally acknowledging that it's not just mothers who have the joy of being single parents. For those of you men out there who are single dads, my hat's off to you! It takes a good man to be a father. Dating is not easy, and yes be selective, not all women are good with children and they (KIDS) should ALWAYS come first, if she can't appreciate that, then let her go early. Rock on! *muah*

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