Why challenging your beliefs helps inoculate you against manipulators

Posted by Jordan, 04 May

Be honest with yourself. Do you hold beliefs that even under some little light of scrutiny will start to wither? Do you want to know the tactics that car dealers or clergymen use to lure people to compliance?

See, we all have beliefs that were embedded in our brains since childhood. And there are those that we were never even allowed to question. So automatically, you have never even bothered to shake them because maybe you were told its taboo to do so. Don't beat yourself too hard. We all hold such beliefs, whether religious or political. Are you ready to challenge your beliefs and defend them fully if they truly serve you? Are you willing to shake off those that don't hold water when scrutinized?

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Joining us today is actor, comedian, and host of the "Dogma Debate podcast", David Smalley. He regularly discusses politics and religion with preachers, comedians and other people with different world views.

David is no stranger to challenging his own beliefs and those of others. He was once a spiritual believer. Today, he is a secular atheist. Want to know how this happened? Want to know how to debate in a way that might actually change someone’s mind? There is a lot more to learn...

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