Valentine's Day Flowers: A Gentleman's Guide

Posted by Leticia, 11 Feb

You know that moment when you walk into a grocery store and all at once, like a freight train hitting your chest, it dawns on you Candy, cards, overly-red stuffed animals, and yes, FLOWERS everywhere? This moment is like a child walking into their first haunted house; it can be scary.

Valentine's Day has the potential to be a memorable holiday for both genders regardless of the relationship status. The key, however, from a male's perspective, is providing just the right experience and ambiance, which usually centers on one key element: flowers.

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Pick the Best Flowers

Valentine's Day is made for the original gentlemen, no matter who you are. As a gentleman, the task becomes deciding which flowers to buy. Everything else will hopefully fall into place, but without the right flowers, your night could get headed off on the wrong foot rather quickly. When it comes to picking the right flowers, most guys naturally grab the seemingly sure-fire bet of red roses.

Bad Move!

Due to mass popularity, red roses are sold at gas stations, liquor stores (convenient for us guys), and grocery stores. Flower delivery by FTD and similar companies offer a different option to the dirty dozen. You can still get roses, but more unique colors. recommends buying pink or lavender colored roses for a romantic evening and blue or magenta colors for a more seductive affair.

Wait ... Flowers Have a Meaning

Different flowers have hidden meanings behind them. Consider details. Giving a daisy can symbolize "innocence" or "loyal love." While other flower such as a gardenia can symbolize a "secret love," or the hydrangea, which can show "heartlessness." So, as you can see, depending on your date's knowledge of flowers and their meaning, you may end up in a bad spot. You do not want to be stuck thinking you are giving a sweet flower gift, when really, you are insinuating that your love should be kept a "secret," or worse, she's full of "heartlessness."

On Valentine's Day, Do Not Believe Your Date

Over the history of men courting women, there have been countless travesties started with the woman saying, "No. Please don't get me anything," and ending with the guy actually listening to her. Guys, do yourself a favor. If the special woman in your life says she doesn't want anything for Valentine's Day or even worse, she tells you not to do anything special whatever you do, please don't listen to her. If you do, it will almost certainly end on a sour note. When it comes to Valentine's Day, females pretty much always want at least a little chivalry, and who can blame them?

This Valentine's Day, whether the special woman in your life gets a flower delivery from a company online you deliver them yourself as you whisk her away for a most memorable evening, try to implement some of the advice above. Perhaps most importantly, remembering the symbolism behind different types of flowers may just send her the correct message opposed to years prior, plus you might actually impress her with all the flower knowledge you have picked up.

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  1.   Silverdante says:
    Posted: 19 Feb 13

    Call me cynical, but I love how Valentines day is supposedly a day to show/share/celebrate/enjoy your love. But in reality it ends up being "treat your woman to stuff" day. Giving "us clueless men" all sorts of tips on what we absolutely "have" to do to be taken serious. In effect there is only one beneficial party to Valentines day, women. Most men groan at the obligation forced upon them by society (or should). While women are supposed to be pampered and showered with secret Valentines messages. I much rather surprise her any other random day of the year, than on Valentines. That in itself means much more, as I buy flowers or arrange a dinner because I want to surprise her, not because everybody tells me I should. Such an act is in my opinion a 100 times more chivalrous, than going through the motions because you are "strongly" advised to do so.

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  2.   minx33 says:
    Posted: 18 Feb 13

    Absolutely Amazing! Flowers are both elegant and beautiful. When a woman receives flowers they add a certain charm to a love affair. True gentlemen are a rarity, but those who are, will definitely seek out information such as this. With chivalry slowly on the decline, it is wonderful to read about allure, elegance and chivalrous gift giving. I applaud this type of article. Thank you for touching my heart with the sophistication of this written text. Again, simply beautiful.

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