Should you really shack up?

Posted by James, 02 Jul


Eric realized their relationship was in trouble when her panties tried to strangle him. And then the non-stop sex stopped. So the big question was… Are we really living together? :roll: Well, that Eric is my pal. He had come to one cruel realization… living with his girlfriend required some adjustment. James? It makes you start thinking that maybe me and her are not a single soul split between two bodies after all,he added.

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When a couple decides to move in together, they are usually at a point of feeling good about one another. But once the cohabitation begins, it quickly gets into the nitty gritty of life.

The proprietor of came up with some crazy metaphor for cohabitation. ‘Cohabitation is a lot like turning the TV to your favorite channel – and then leaving it on 24/7. You are bound to see some stuff you don’t like so much.’ She wont always look hot… you will have to get used to the stinky chic who just got in from the gym.

And just coz you living together don’t mean that every night will end with the two of you naked; sticking on each other like glue… The one Sean Paulwon’t be singing your song no more. Discovering each others irritating habits now that you are living together will be the order of the day.

And this is for them ladies... you are not engaged yet. So don’t get your hopes up. As much as 55% of marriages are preceded by cohabitation, not every couple living together is destined to walk down the aisle. And when you find out about the other person’s intention not to marry, you may end up heart-broken.

So does this mean that people who cohabit never want to get married? Is this a misconception or do you agree with it. Do people cohabit because they want to be sure it’s the right person before committing into marriage or is this just some commitment denial?

Well if you decide to live together, as much as you may not be married, your problems will always be wed locked. Are you ready for the semi-married life?

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  1.   fkoi says:
    Posted: 23 May 10

    If you aren't prepared for the commitment living together entails, it is probably a bad idea.

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  2.   fire321 says:
    Posted: 27 Jul 09

    To each his own...if you want to cohabitate, more power to you. How many of are abstaining from sex until marriage? Give me a break!

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  3.   Roland says:
    Posted: 14 Feb 08

    Being born-again believer's&retired,is it bibical correct to live together but not be married?

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  4.   gina says:
    Posted: 11 Aug 07

    No, live within the bounds of a sacred covenant marriage and fidelity. A lot of research shows cohabitating actually decreases the chances of getting married and/or staying in long-term marriage. Our forefather were right to follow the teachings of the Bible after all.

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  5.   hiimsteph says:
    Posted: 13 Jul 07

    I think coupples should move in together only if its under a basis for which the couple is going to be getting married. Other than that, whats the purpose?

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