Relationship's sudden death

Posted by James, 01 Nov

death.jpgYou are in a relationship. Things seem to be going fine until she hits you with “I just don’t feel you anymore.᾿ It’s the one-sided rejection and door-slam finality that bites most. Why did this happen? Half the time, you have no idea. All you know is that it hurts like hell.

Why do women dump men?

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In a recent web poll was conducted on 5000 women in a bid to find out what goes on in their heads when they drop that bombshell after the dreaded words “We need to talk᾿. Men should ignore the “It’s not you, it’s me᾿ cliché. 40% said “it’s actually you᾿, and only 4.8% said “it’s me᾿ while the rest went with “It’s a little of both.᾿

According to a sexologist Dr Logan Levkoff, women don’t enjoy ending relationships. It's not a decision they make lightly. So why do they do it?

If you are always fighting and she beat you to the break up, then be glad she did it. And if you were cheating (and sorry to say these next harsh words but) I guess "you deserved it" is in order. 18% of women pulled the plug even if your cheating only involved kissing another woman and 9% felt that flirting is enough to put you on the must-dump-him list.

Apparently, a man’s potential as a father and husband is very important. One lady pulled the trigger on her relationship because everything about the man she was dating screamed BACHELOR! – going out five nights a week, never calling to make sure she got home ok. Doing things a good husband would do saves you from the one-sided dump. Affection, trust and communication are qualities that create the attraction that women look for in lasting relationships.

One shocking revelation with the study was that 76% of women consider dumping a guy in the first four months. "Four months into a relationship, most women re-evaluate whether they want to continue dating a guy or break up" reveals Grish. Apparently these are unconscious inclinations. At this point they listen out for the L-word. “Is he with me just to have fun or because he actually sees a potential future together?᾿ So if you you are attached to a woman show her that you love her and drop hints of a possible future to avoid the four-month dump.

So should you talk her out of dumping you?

There is always hope even on the D day. Magic words like “I love you᾿ or “I’ll change᾿ usually convince most women to stay. Sounds too easy, but hey, that’s what the survey said. However, don’t say them if you don’t mean them. Take into consideration and see if you can really change those things. If you can’t, then don’t sacrifice your identity or you will sentence yourself to an unhappy relationship.

Do you agree with the above study? So why do men pull the trigger on relationships?

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  1.   Darlinu says:
    Posted: 18 Jun 11

    I will know in a week, but will take a month to see if anything changes. I realize the waiting is dumb, because no one ever changes and I am not sure, they should. But it is hard to break away from someone and in the deep of my heart, I don't want to go. Even when it is obvious it won't work out...I secretly hope, wait a month, then walk away, head down, never happy about it. Peace!

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  2.   PetiteChick says:
    Posted: 23 Jun 10

    It does not take me 4 months to decide If I will stay with a guy or dump him. I have certain markers I gauge to determine if he's a keeper or not and it don't 4 months. More like two months to 2 1/2 months. Certainly not 4! LOL.

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  3.   fkoi says:
    Posted: 03 Apr 10

    A lot of breakups go through stages but trying to talk someone out of one is usually not a good idea.

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