Pre-date madness

Posted by James, 19 Sep

date.jpgAre you prone to pre-date madness? Well there is a fine line between being well prepared and obsessing about a date that isn’t until……… next year!

When it comes to online dating, pangs of pre-date madness may envelope you. This I understand coz meeting someone offline … someone you know intimately via online dating … can be the most nerve racking thing you do!

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So you may be a little insecure about how you look but I tend to think that attraction is a two-way thing. Your date probably is just as nervous are you… especially if she uploaded the picture of her daughter to her profile :lol:

Try not to plan your entire conversation beforehand. Relax, go with the flow and remember all those things you chatted about online and remember exactly WHY you decided to meet in the first place!

Try not to be too busy trying to make sure that the food is great and impressing your date by your fluent french, you may miss out on the most important part of the date… having fun. So what do you do when there is no spark between the two of you? Is telling someone you don’t want a second date rude?

I don't, I think it's realistic that if the chemistry isn't there that you at least thank the person for a nice evening and don't use the "I'll call you" promise. Remember it's only a first date and having a second one is up to you BOTH!

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