Mutual Satisfaction

Posted by Leticia, 04 May 12

We all want great sex, right? First off, it feels fantastic. But that’s not all—a healthy sex life contributes to a person’s emotional and physical well-being. Studies show that sex relieves stress, burns calories (about 200 per sheets session), strengthens the immune system and slows the aging process. The American Medical Association found that "firing the torpedoes" on a regular basis reduces men’s risk of prostate cancer. But it’s not just guys who benefit from boinking. Sex alleviates pain from menstrual cramps and arthritis. It even helps to prevent breast cancer and osteoporosis.

While sex is often compared to pizza—even when it’s bad, it’s good—the dual climax or "mutual O" is the most fulfilling finish in the love game. It’s the sexual equivalent of a perfectly executed alley-oop pass! Done right, you and your partner will want to high-five afterwards.

For advice on achieving sexual synchronicity, we turned to Dr. Jennifer Jones, clinical psychologist, sex therapist and relationships expert. She believes that great sex starts before the sweat. "Sex really means any kind of touching that leads to arousal," she says.

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That doesn’t mean you should be hooking up with strangers, though. Sure, there might be more animal attraction the first time, but it’s tough to top a sexual encounter between two people who know just what it takes to stimulate each other’s minds and bodies. The best sex is between loving partners in long-term relationships. To keep things spicy, take the opportunity to experiment together and expand your sexual comfort zones.

So why aren’t most couples having great sex already? We don’t need a doctor to tell us the trickiest part of the sexual slam-dunk—ladies take longer to climax and getting them there is a personal process. Fortunately, Dr. Jennifer has good advice for men making the attempt. "Every woman is different, so let her lead you in terms of what works for her,” she says. “Know her anatomy and let her educate you!"

For a step-by-step guide to getting off with your partner, Dr. Jennifer’s two-minute video "5 Tips for a Mutual Orgasm" is must viewing! Check it out:

What do YOU think is the secret to mutually satisfying sex?

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  1.   Chi43 says:
    Posted: 22 Aug 14

    I'm not sure that i will ever find a man to truly satisfy me sexually because I'm a undercover freak but im afraid to admit it to my sexual partner because this isnt who he knows me as. I need help to understand why i feel ashamed of my fantasies and trying to get them fulfilled

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  2.   MissTexas01 says:
    Posted: 28 Jul 14

    Some men believe it or not are afraid to say what they want and like. They want the other person just to know. I knew a guy that did not feel comfortable saying anything sexual. He was cheating on his girlfriend because their sex life sucked. He blamed her. I told him he was to blame. If you can't say what you want then write it, if you can't write it then show a video of someone else doing what you like and leave the room while he or she watches it. Learn which buttons brings the other person to climax and play with those buttons. Remote control it.

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  3.   MissTexas01 says:
    Posted: 28 Jul 14


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  4.   MissTexas01 says:
    Posted: 28 Jul 14

    Not all ladies take a long time to climax. If you do foreplay for at least 10 minutes and do it right. Foreplay consist of a lot of things: oral, kissing, exploring erroneous zones, even romance can be grouped in this category. Now, every woman does not like the same thing. The only thing that is consistent is you have to prime the engine before you start. If you don't the vaginal will not have had time to properly lubricate and relax. Which is why some women experience pain with sex. 9:10 he just got right to it. Also while having intercourse you need to find out what motion and pace your lady likes. Everyone doesn't like it fast everyone doesn't like it slow. Women tend to fake moans and groans the only sure fire way to know is if she is getting wetter the more you are doing what you are doing. The body can't lie. Now, after she has climaxed she may or may not need to recoup. So slow your motion. Kick the foreplay back into play then start over. As far as how to please a I can't betray myself by revealing that that's my secret weapon.

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  5.   conny32 says:
    Posted: 17 Jul 14

    My partner can make me reach the climax and while we having the copulation I feel pains I don't enjoy and he is just a snob

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  6.   Nordicia says:
    Posted: 22 Dec 12

    This is so so vital, just being able to connect with your partner on a "emotional high." As stated before a lot of relationships fail because of intimacy, not just simple communication, which often times is the stated reason for such failures. As partners we really need to learn what makes our lovers satisfied while relishing for more and more. Men can be so selfish in the bed room, and I have a sexual desire that is so insatiable thus I need a panther who will cater to needs while i cater t o his and just climax and leave me there awaiting explosion, smiles.

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  7.   Reesky says:
    Posted: 14 Jun 12

    It's important that men understand a few facts. The first is that women are FAR more sexual than men; men do not have a monopoly on loving sex. Next, most women do NOT receive an orgasm from plain intercourse. If a woman tells you what makes her sexually satisifed, then a man's work is half way done - DUH. My experience has been that men don't take the time to embrace women and the differences between the two. I have known several men whom I have empatically told what I like but did they pleasure me based on that information? No. So, there's something much deeper. It is not all about a woman pleasuring a man - it is about two people receiving sexual satisfaction with one another. I think the "oneupsmanship" gets in the way far too often. I can say, with all honesty, that I'm glad that both sexes have come out of the stone age with regard to sexual pleasures and, with a little more care and attention, men just might one day get it.

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    • Appache says:
      Posted: 16 Jun 12

      Well said ladies, I have noticed this truth. Back in the days, I put in serious work for my x girl any time we make love, I keep going round after round from dusk till dawn, and when we are done, some times I do ask if she is ok, and she will say, yeah. And sometimes when my sexual performance is not up to normal, when I ask she'll still say she's ok. Later i noticed one day, after a long time boinking and boinking, just as I was about to rest she started to crawl gently toward me on the bed and then started to paw me gently gradually crawling untop of me, I my mind I was like damn she wants me dead? after all my effort? Then I remembered, women are slow to arousal, but I was already exhausted, I felt pitty for her, so I started learning by my self how to foreplay with her, licking her beneath her ears, neck, using my teeth tenderly on her nipples and caressing her body, she liked it, but I never asked her how she wants it. Another day we're doing it, and I noticed she was tickling while I was licking her beneath the ear, I asked how she felt about it, she said, thesame way you tickle when reciving a BJ from me, as we continued, she said to me how I wish you will lick it. I was about to, but she refused. What do you ladies advice? Cause I am the kind of guy who likes to see my girl happy always. Please, Sisters say something, don't be secretive, I want the truth, so as to live it. Is it right?

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      • passion0725 says:
        Posted: 05 Sep 13

        It's always important to know a woman's body. For exampe me and my significant other has been together for 5 yrs and still doesn't hve a clue of hat turns me on but seems to do everything right to turn me off which has led me not to be sexually attracted to him. The smallest touches & whispers go a long way. Hell even a passionate hug and kiss will get things started. So it's ok to ask and learn things about your woman. I believe you succeed because it sounds like you have the potential. Just don't give the "basic sex" like my significant other cuz you will be stuck with a sexually frustrated woman in your life. Trust me when you learn and pay attention to her sexual needs you will definitely get more in return not unless she is selfish which it sounds she's not. It takes two to create beautiful magic. Good luck.

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  8. Posted: 07 May 12

    I don't need a D R behind my name to understand what she had to say or would state all of what she said AT THE LEAST if asked for advice. Even more, smh I think A LOT OF SINGLE sisters (and divorced men) are on here because of the lack of getting and or doing/giving what has been said by the Dr. lol OM goodness. It's a bit sad though that this stuff is not common knowledge. Isn't it? Dang. smh. wow

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