Morning after runners

Posted by James, 06 Nov

runner.jpgYou went to sleep together after a night of passion and five hours down the line, you wake up and he's gone. Why do men run off like that? Well here is the logic behind all this morning-after-sex run.

Apparently, after realizing that the previous night really happened and it wasn’t just a dream, the first thing that rushes into a man’s mind is “Should I stay or should I go?᾿ I remember a pal of mine once woke up a lady he had slept with the previous night with “I have called for a taxi. I’ll be out of here in five minutes.᾿ :roll: This left the lady wondering… didn’t last night mean nothing at all?

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When I asked him why he ran, he confessed that he had experienced what I like to call I-don’t-remember-her-name amnesia. Much as bolting for the door was hideously insensitive of him, it had to be done. Or would she have faired better with the alternative – realizing you've just spent the night with a guy who can't even remember your name? I didn’t think so. The amnesia caused by 10 glasses of Bud can drive a man into some panic. He might even be wondering whether you slept together, let alone remembering your name.

Another friend, after a great night of sex, explained he "just had to get something out of his car" and drove off at high speed never to see the female in question again.

Not all runners are players. Sometimes we force them to run. After that first night, some women play too cool and don’t send clear signals. This,therefore, makes the man run just to protect his ego because he thinks you are not as crazy about him as he is about you.

However, one thing you may not want to believe is that while he is busy scrabbling around the floor for his socks, he actually could have a plane to catch or a meeting to make. It may just be true.

But this doesn’t mean that women don’t run. In fact when they have a reason to, they tip-toe out of the door and the man wakes up to an empty bed. So does running mean that someone is not into you at all? Ever done the run? Why did you?

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  1.   69_4_2 says:
    Posted: 04 Dec 07

    men run off because they dont want to give the hint of commitment and take the "immature" 'road out'. we are happy with the conquest but would rather have breakfast alone or with a friend.

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