Men donate more with women around

Posted by James, 25 Nov


Ever throw money around when a hottie is watching? Well according to some study by British researchers, men are more generous around hot women.

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The researchers used a money-earning game and found that men donated more winnings to charity when they were being watched by a beautiful woman than when they were alone or being watched by a fellow male.

According to the report in Evolutionary Psychology, this generosity around hotties could be explained as them showing off to potential mates to prove their willingness to share resources or just a way of making up for their shortcomings. As for women, their charitable itches didn’t change no matter who was watching.

Dudes, are we really wired that way? Do women have to have such a big effect on almost every decision we make?

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  1.   Delphine00 says:
    Posted: 10 Jun 09

    Sometimes charity organizations are more highly rated than they should be. Some of these organizations use more of the money that is contributed to them for overhead, expenses and salaries than they "give" to the target audience they sponsor. It is little wonder that some people have grown tired of donating to charities. It almost makes more sense to put the money in the hands of the needy.

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  2.   wokaikai says:
    Posted: 03 Dec 08

    what a joke! someone just PSed his pictures to hot ones and then uploaded to the famous rich men seeking affairs club !!!.sugarbaby you know it is a rich men seeking sugar babies site.. so he is said to seek an extramarital relationship there!

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  3.   VA_Princess says:
    Posted: 30 Nov 08

    I think there are a few different reason why men do it. As is typical much of the time, men will throw around money to make get attention and to make themselves look important, significant. Yes, men definitely do tend to behave much differently when they see a very attractive woman. Their minds so off kilter and their behavior can become very interesting.

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