Men are perfect listeners

Posted by James, 30 Mar

Whoever came up with this idea that men don’t listen. Well, I am here to dispel that myth. Men listen pretty well… when it comes to sex that is. “What is this idiot saying?” Right?

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Well, remember that time you got into bed all naked and burst the guy's bubble saying "Damn this summer heat" and dude turned the other way? Then day 2 naked in bed and no magic. And you tried to pull a dramatic one by walking around the house naked thinking: 'Don't I do for it no more'? Well there you have it. He listened. And now every time you are naked, he assumes it’s the summer heat and fights all his urges to … you know…

Wondering why suddenly you are having less and less sex? Or hmm… no more quickies even when you are in your most provocative state? Take a reflective look at what you might have said once upon a time. Was it "Sex is much more meaningful when there is foreplay" or was it "You have to set the mood for me from morning with an erotic text so i can be ready for you by evening"? The thing is, most men will interpret this as EVERY TIME! So when he gets home all horny and had forgotten to excite your sense since morning, he has a cold shower and hopes he remembers to set the mood early enough the next day.

Beware what you say. We listen... ;-)

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  1.   friendly13 says:
    Posted: 18 May 10

    Well, in my opinion there are two kinds of men who resemble this comment: The one who cares about the woman who is talking and the one who doesn't really care that much. The one who cares is hanging on her everyword just relishing the sound of her voice an enjoying every word, wanting her to continue talking so that he can listen to the one he loves and wants to understand. On the other hand the one who doesn't care that much seems to be listening but really is thinking about something else and as probably completely tuned her out. But since he is not talking and seems to be looking in her direction she is happy and doesn't notice or even care if he is listening because she is doing what we women love to do, and that is talk. I think the key is for us womeno discern where we relly stand with the man before we waste our time and inner-most thoughts to someone who only seems to be listening. My thoughts about the topic.

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  2.   Silverdante says:
    Posted: 04 May 10

    mmmh maybe that is true if the man is a sulking child. I think you should give guys a little bit more credit, also saying that men listen and then giving the example of how a 16 year old would deal with a situation, or a guy with zero backbone, is not particularly positive. If for instance I want sex, I will communicate it if I feel it is appropriate to do so. Lying in bed together in generally a good moment or any day off, but the only thing you have to keep in mind is that you have to be open about it, don't try to guilt a girl/woman into having sex with you, just communicate it clearly and let her respond. If she keeps saying no, then there is clearly something wrong and you should have a talk with her. Although I do not find sex the most important thing in a good long term relationship, it is a good indicator of what is going on with her. Either she is feeling less connection with you or she does not feel too good about herself or her current situation. "Not getting any" is clearly a bad sign and means that as a guy you need to get into action. In short, acting like the author says men do, is a sign of a lack of experience with women and the fault is mostly on the guy if he acts like that. Sure women can begin to understand men better too in general(we are not only about sex). But trust me when I say you are doing it for you own interest. Now that I am older and more experienced and I know how to deal with it, I never experience any real "dry seasons" and long frustrating nights that come with it(when in a relationship).

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  3.   Ichibod says:
    Posted: 01 Apr 10

    "And now every time you are naked, he assumes it’s the summer heat and fights all his urges to … you know…" Amongst other things that ended our relationship, my ex-fiance and I were having sex, and then stopped. I said I was in agreement with the hiatus (that she proposed), but she kept packing a bag to stay over at my place every couple of days, sleeping in bed with me. I ended up fighting the urge until I didn't want it anymore. It never occured to me why I was becoming so affectionately distant. If I knew then what I know now, things may have been different.

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