Interfaith relationships in the US

Posted by James, 22 Jan

28 million is the latest number, according to The Today Show on NBC … not counting the blended-culture unions! Much as multicultural relationships are challenging, when religion is added onto the picture, more tension is created. The Today Show featured the prevalence of interfaith relationships and how couples cope with such differences, particularly around the holidays.

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If you are in such a relationship, I hope the show above was helpful. You can also read an online article that inspired the show on Tango Magazine, by Holly Lebowitz Rossi: Finding Our Religion: Cath-wics? Hin-jews? The face of interfaith is changing fast, but the secrets to a successful dual faith relationship remain the same.

This is some food for thought to consider when raising an interfaith family. Thoughts?

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  1.   fkoi says:
    Posted: 17 Jun 10

    I agree with Ichibod (and judging from the responses we are a minority of two). The chasm that can exist between people of different Faiths can make the Grand Canyon look like a sidewalk crack, especially when children are involved. If practice involves more than just a little time devoted on Sundays (or Saturdays), there can be serious differences. Look at how much trouble there is in the world which is based, at least on the surface, on how different people, even those who look largely the same, choose to honor their God.

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  2.   Ichibod says:
    Posted: 13 Apr 09

    It's a shame. Faith is a more important topic than race and no one wants to talk about it. This blog has been open a whole year and I'm the first to post a comment? Sweet! Okay, how do I feel? I believe 'interfaith relationships', so called, can be very dangerous. I am a christian. I am not religious, I am faithful meaning I didn't just go to church my whole life following traditions. I actually studied my whole life and put my trust in God and watched him work in my life and in others. Therefore, my reasons for being a christian aren't just because everyone in my family is or because that's the type of service I have always attended. If a person doesn't have that same faith (belief) or at least the foundation for that faith (system of beliefs), the relationship isn't necessarily doomed to fail but not fully equipped to succeed either. A man and a woman of a different faiths have to compromise. Compromise is never good, especially when faith is involved. Compromise requires you to have to give up or sacrifice. An individual bases and lives their life by their faith. We all know that you shouldn't change for someone and you shouldn't expect a person to change for you. If a person is willing to risk entering an interfaith relationship by sacrificing parts of it, then your faith (system of beliefs) isn't really that important to you or it says a lot about your faith (what you believe).

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