How to spot a liar

Posted by James, 10 Jan

I’ll call you tomorrow I didn’t sleep with him

You have heard lies like these before. Hell, you’ve probably cooked some tales of your own. We all lie sometimes (and those that claim they don’t are most definitely lying),whether we are telling a tall tale to keep an affair secret or even spinning a white one just for the sake of pleasing your boss at work.

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Apparently, people lie in 1 out of 4 conversations. So if everyone is lying, then it means we’re also constantly being lied to. Scary huh?

According to David Lieberman, author of Never Be Lied to Again, “Even the most super liar has his kryptonite, and with the right information, you can find that weak point and spot when you’re being suckered.᾿ So if you want to know whether your boyfriend is cheating or your boss is getting away with murder, here’s how to suss out whether or not your leg is being pulled.

Not everyone exhibits the same physical signs when pulling a fast one. You have to pay attention to nonverbal clues while also noting whether the behavior deviates from what is normal for that person. So keep your eyed peeled for physical reactions when rooting a liar.

If the person you are talking to are talking to engages in fidgety activities (like averting a glance, wringing hands, repeatedly shifting weight from one leg to another or raising voice pitch) the moment a prickly subject comes up, chances are that they are playing Pinocchio – only this time the nose isn’t elongating.

Also when gesturing one always does it simultaneously with what they are saying. So if the suspect slams his fist twice on the table after he or she has driven the point home, don’t be fooled. Lieberman says “A hand signal that lags behind the statement is done purely for effect. He’s making a show of his conviction.᾿

Another thing is that humans have the tendency of covering their mouths when they lie and Psychologists have no idea why but most suspect it’s a symbolic attempt to cover the contemptuous act somehow.

Inconsistencies in a story already told tips off that you are been played like some cheap old violin. But this isn’t the only verbal slip up. Every little thing one does takes concentration. And this is why your man can’t watch sports on TV and conduct an articulate conversation at the same time. The same holds true for liars. Liars are usually so focused I selling their tall tales that they forget neglect little things like sentence structure, verb tenses and chronology.

Giving the scouts honor is another way to nab the liar. If the suspect starts the sentence with Honestly … or The truth is… forget believing them. This is just someone going overboard trying to convince you of their integrity. And those that answer the question with a question are just buying time.

Suspect your man or woman is being a little less than monogamous? Watch out for the above lie busters.

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  1.   PetiteChick says:
    Posted: 10 Apr 10

    I agree with blahblahblah! Picture it! How to detect a liar in an online dating session? I have, so many times. Someone above said: "the little flaws in each and every one of us is what makes us rich in character." To be a steadfast lair is not what I would consider "rich" in character. There is in my opinion, something lacking when a person MUST resort to lying for fear of reprisal. It usually means they're stuff ain't correct on a grand scale. We live in what is known as a civil society, so yeah some people lie here and there and it is part of the human condition, however, to lie to the degree that it could jeopardize your livelihood, your life, your loved ones ain't worth it. And rich in character it is NOT!

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  2.   wonka says:
    Posted: 09 Mar 10

    Let me tell ya,it's not easy unless your a freakin' PRO at spotting liars.I'm great at lying(When I have to of course),however one can usually tell by looking into ones soul-if their lying or not(LoL!). Wonka will NOT get caught,I assure you!!.GO WONKA!!.

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  3. Posted: 03 Dec 09

    wow! an average of 1 out of 4 conversations? damn. thats a lot of fibs. the old sayings are true. honesty is the best policy, oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive, etc. dishonesty is really a sign of fear. people lie when they are afraid of the possible consequences of the truth. no person should give another human that much power over them to make them so scared they lie, be it boss, spouse, or whatever. the truth will come out in the end anyway.

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  4.   Fire321 says:
    Posted: 29 Aug 09

    If you've been with your mate for any length of time, you know when something is off with their behavior. We want to believe certain things about them but when our instincts tell us differently, we need to use more common sense v. believing they will be 100% truthful when asked about it. I for one will not accuse without proof but at the same time, I'm not going to be the "village idiot" and not trust my instincts.

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  5.   Member says:
    Posted: 29 Jan 08

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  6.   ebonyjewess says:
    Posted: 16 Jan 08

    But every once and a while you will come across a sociopathic liar. These people lie so much they actually believe their own lies thus they will not show some of the non-verbal cues because they have completely internalized their lies.

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  7.   Kimme says:
    Posted: 15 Jan 08

    Why would you want someone that was "perfect" first off it's not possible to be "perfect" and second I wouldn't want to be around someone with that much perfection! The little flaws in each and every one of us is what makes us rich in character and appealing to the opposite sex. I had a boyfriend once who was some what of a neat freak...went out and bought himself a carpet cleaner and literally danced a jig about it. You'd think he'd bought a Porsche! But the fact that he was so excited about his new toy, just made me love him all the more and laugh alot! So me....I'm not lookin' for doesn't exist anyway.

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  8.   dark1ande says:
    Posted: 12 Jan 08

    If it were only that simple. We have to factor in our human differences and personality.

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  9.   longlegs67 says:
    Posted: 11 Jan 08

    it is not possible to build a perfect female, though i will say that it is determined if your perfect or not by the partner you are with, i myself am not blowing my own trumpet but i am perfect, i know i am and its just meeting someone who wants the same things as me and one who thinks like me, there is someone out there for everybody but its hard to find that person, hence the dating sites.

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