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Posted by Leticia, 25 Apr

Attract in New Visitors by writing for an Authority Dating Site with Millions of Registered Users

Are you running a dating related blog or a dating related site? Did you know you're still missing out on a chunk of targeted traffic?

Truth be told, the only way to emerge as an authority site, as well as gain new visitors, is the use of guest posting. And guest posting is nothing but getting your business featured on top dating publications online.

Write for us today and get the exposure right away!

Our site:

  • A dating site with thousands of blog posts
  • We have top quality content from various writers
  • We have been in the interracial dating niche since 2003
  • We have millions of registered users

Do you want market-specific insights from an authority site? We have data on more than two million people. Why not benefit from these data in an exchange of a creative blog post that will match our requirements?

How it works:

  • Provide your creative dating-related blog post
  • In exchange, we publish your blog post on our Fyooz Blog
  • Start getting traffic share from our thousands of users active on our site daily


  • Creative and unique content
  • At least 500 words
  • 2-week review process before uploading your post
  • If you would like to include photos, you must provide them with the appropriate credits to the original owners

Our dating website is the real deal for your business because it offers the opportunity to not only draw in new visitors but it also helps you get huge exposure.

Isn't that amazing?

Join ‘Write for us’ by sending your submissions to fyooz@chellaul.com and grab a chance to be featured on our site!

Having trouble? We can answer any question you might have on fyooz@chellaul.com.

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