Eloping Ideas when you need to just get away

Posted by Robert, 23 Jan

Are you looking for eloping ideas to make you feel free to get married wherever you want and however you want? Whether near home or at a totally new place, you can have a wedding that makes sense to you, or one that fits your budget if money is the issue. Plus, what is a marriage? It's a commitment between two individuals. So it's up to the two of you to do what works for you. You don't need the pressure that comes with having 300 people at your event. It's your event. It's your marriage. So if you don't want the drama that comes with wedding ceremonies, then, by all means, elope!

Love is All Colors brings you some of the ideas to consider. Read on...

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Best elopement ideas to consider

What you can opt for is to either do it near home or go far away from home. White dress? Something colorful? It's all up to you. Do you want loved ones present or you just want a private wedding ceremony for two? Well, it is all up to you. The thing about eloping is the freedom that comes with it. Well here are some unique eloping ideas to inspire you as you figure out how to plan an elopement.

Wedding on water

There is nothing as romantic as having waves crashing in the background, as you exchange your vows. Or the idea of the smooth sand under your skin as you breathe the crisp clean coastal air with some sun on you. One of the best elopement ideas is having a beach wedding. Beach weddings are perfect because they are very romantic and easy to pull off. All you need is any beachy destination when planning to elope that suits the kind of ceremony you want.

If eloping abroad is what you have in mind, then Hawaii ceremonies are the best. And one thing that makes them special is the fact that you can integrate elements of  Hawaiian wedding ceremonies making the elopement unique. One of them is the lei exchange ceremony which is a significant symbol on important life occasions. Lei represents beauty, unity, and completeness. Basically, the couple places a lei around each other's necks symbolizing a coming together of two beings into one.

The good thing with most beaches is that they are lively and are surrounded by restaurants, bars, and places to stay making them the perfect escape to celebrate with your brand new spouse. So if you are looking for a really romantic wedding, we recommend sunset ceremonies.

City park weddings

Parks can make for beautiful wedding eloping ideas because of the old trees and their beautiful landscapes. They are also easily and affordably accessible. Most have structures like gazebos, bridges and old trees which are great ceremony sites. Being in close proximity to businesses and parking lots, you can celebrate your union at a nearby spot after the ceremony.

Mountain elopement

Mountain weddings are some of the fun ways to elope. Besides the adventure in them, a couple is surrounded by beautiful views of fantastic natural formations. This is an experience and scenery you will treasure for the rest of your lives.

You will need hiking boots for this mother nature exchange of vows. Some of these mountains have diverse landscape features to choose from... for instance, lakes, parks, mountain views that make for lovely ceremony spots. Most mountains have truly spectacular landscapes. Imagine the photos that you will take for your memories.

City elopement ideas

Wondering how to make an elopement special? Well, the beauty of eloping is that you have the freedom to get married anywhere. Remember the first place that you two met and had your first date? Well, this is your chance to create another memory there? How about just going to City Hall? You can do it there. The thing is, the city has vast buildings and elopement ceremony ideas for those planning to elope. Not only are public spots and buildings convenient, but they are also pocket-friendly with most of them providing fun ways to elope.

Let's take City Hall for instance. Most have beautiful staircases that can be perfect for your seemingly endless photo illusions. The thing is, cities are bursting with elopement venues. And much as some spots might seem like unlikely wedding spots, they can be beautiful backdrops for taking photos. All you need to make your day memorable is a little creativity and a lot of love to transform any spot into a lovely wedding venue.

Micro weddings

When looking for eloping ideas, eloping doesn't have to be just about the two of you. You can invite a few people that you hold dear to your heart. That way you can have a few loved ones to witness your ceremony. It can be formal to incorporate a small wedding party or you can make as simple as just having your kids join you at the wedding if - you have kids that is.

You don't need to feel the pressure of having everyone you know witness your special day. You have the decision to have whomever you choose - even if it is your pets - at your elopement.

The moment you decide who is on the list, then you will get to choose a venue that works for that group.

Vegas baby!

Yes. It's been done and done. But you know what, Vegas still works because of the fun you get to have before and after eloping. Vegas has and still continues to be the most magnificent places to elope because its Vegas baby - fun, excitement and the engaging atmosphere. This is one of the elopement ceremony ideas where you might get too smashed to even remember the event or where you might end up spending all your honeymoon money gambling.

Eloping abroad

If you are looking for unique eloping ideas and you have some savings set aside that you just want to spend on the two of you, then consider eloping abroad. This way, you get to kill two birds with one stone - a wedding and honeymoon combination.

The thing is, weddings should be a celebration for two people. And there are various reasons why couples choose to elope which range from wanting the wedding to be a secret because the family doesn't approve, to money issues, to just getting tired of the pressure that comes with planning a wedding. Whatever the reason, it is important that both of you be on board with the decision.

The thing is, you can actually exchange vows just the two of you and have a party later where you flaunt your ring around and celebrate the union with family friends. There are lots of eloping ideas to choose from. We hope that the ones above will serve as a guide and show you that the best idea is one that works for you.

Have you suddenly changed your mind about eloping and have no idea on how to plan your wedding? Check out our ultimate wedding planning checklist.

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