Dating a honey with money

Posted by James, 04 Sep

women-saving.pngEver found yourself in a situation where you are dating a honey with money? (And I mean lots of it.)

Well I once met a lawyer during lunch at an Italian restaurant. She was a pretty brunette with dimples that could hold like a liter of milk each if you ask me. The lunch led to dates. I was looking at the modern power woman… one that clipped back her hair with the same concentration a surgeon would on his patient.

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While we were talking, she blurted out that she made almost 500 grand a year… cash I more or less don’t make. Don’t judge me but for a moment there, I almost shouted in her face – “LIAR!!!᾿ Well I couldn’t help but do my not-very-professional audit… her penthouse flat, her beach house, her two cars made by men with goggles... if she was lying, then it wasn’t by much.

Ok… this woman is the kind that reduces men to piles of chewed bones for fun and profit. what I was reduced to at least. I told myself I could handle being in a relationship where SHE made more than me...but I must admit that knowing she had that kind of cash kinda added tension to our relationship. I felt pang of dwarfism shrivel me into a bell-shoed elf.

This lady had more potency that I did. So where did that leave me? This woman practically stole my marbles. I felt like I was wearing a T-shirt branded “Ask me about my micro-penis᾿ :lol:

I'm sure some of you have found yourselves in similar situations… foreseeing years of running home to make macaroni and cheese for your woman. I know insecurities may make most men furious. So she is financially formidable. Is it really that bad? Would you rather she be a street corner manicurist that sleeps with debt collectors?

Barges of men have sex with women with fatter salaries and I think men who feel insecure should instead admire the woman for being financially stable. But what if she lost her million-making machine job and things got tough. Would you still want to date her?

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  1.   fkoi says:
    Posted: 29 May 10

    I haven't had the experience but I'm willing to do the research in the interest of science.

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  2. Posted: 04 Dec 09

    i wishy i would have a woman knocking back 500K a year fall in love with me. all things considered, it wouldnt bother me if she made more. as long as the job itself isn't a wedge in the relationship, the checkstub having more decimal places than mine is no bother to me. i dont get a dude that would have a problem with it.

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  3.   Ichibod says:
    Posted: 01 Oct 09

    Any man that would feel insecure if a woman made more money has some serious issues and really needs to examine what's really more important in a relationship as well as life. For a man to run into or garner the interest of a women with a big bank account and a classy style, he must keep himself up pretty well. If he didn't, why would she be interested? She's the idiot. Also, when a woman makes more money, at times she might start to throw it in her man's face. Not smart. Woe unto a woman that believes that money and success in business is the measure of a human being, and a man believing the same thing. That "Miss Independent", the "Need to start enjoying being lonely" type gals. Funny, I've never heard Mrs. Independent. Many times these women don'y realize that a relationship is a team effort and that there is NO independence on either side. If the chick has the money, her man better have something else to contribute and have no shame with what he has. This all can be avoided if they discuss this arrangement before nuptuals. I wouldn't feel emasculated if my lady were to make more than I. I would have the cars maintained, the plumbing flowing, light bulbs (indoors and outdoors) replaced, her feet and back massaged, kids disciplined, and the yard looking like a botanical garden. She would have to be unhappy with me making less money for there to be a problem, and that would be HER problem. I'd leave. The point is, a women being financially stable won't always cut the mustard. How did she become financially stable? Corporate executive position? Inheritance? Divorce settlement? Prostitution? Drug dealing? Racketeering and/or extortion? Child support? Does she slave for her employer leaving little time for her family? I prefer a woman who gives what she has to the community or the environment. A person is much more interesting to be around when they seem to care more about life and other people rather than numbers and their own personal accomplishments. The prior are usually recognized by others where as the latter usually have to brag about themselves because what they do for all that dough is obscure and out the public eye. What if she lost her million-making machine job? Only a smart woman wouldn't rule something like that out. Always live within your means. Above all, I would let her pay for my school or cetification and perhaps I can land a job making an even better income.

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  4.   triccinicci says:
    Posted: 30 Sep 09

    Now here's a topic I can relate to. THANK YOU JAMES!!!!! I often run into this, but the problem is guys won't come right out and say that they are insecure. Many of them just won't talk to you due to the perception of "high maintenance". Just looking at you I believe they think they are going to have to supply that name brand wardrobe you're walking around in, or as you say, the car "made by men with goggles" (I have a nice car but no guys wearing goggles made it, lol!) on whatever salary they make. I think you are correct, James. Not either being willing to compete (I use that word cause I don't have a more accurate selection momentarily at the tip of my tongue), up their game or even know how to make an equal or higher amount I can see a guy saying, "You're cute, sexy and smart, but you won't make me into Barbie's Ken. Speaking of which, why didn't Ken have a Corvette and a briefcase when Barb got her beach house and shot to CEO status (I know that's completely outta thin air, but I had to ask)? I mean was Ken really her trophy, lol? Ok, ok I'm back on topic. My ex was with me right after my starving student phase and just before the champion paychecks. He was making just as much, but I lived better. Eventually I out distanced him. I think it caused issues. Mostly of jealousy. Funny thing was, he was an inspiration for soaring so high. I've never looked back. We didn't stay together in the long run and it took years for issues the contradictions created to surface. Since then I have tried dating others, mostly the corporate and lawyer types, but find I am more interested in entreprenuers because they, like me, have to take a certain degree of risk. Also because their income changes and they are not so staunch about the perceptions income creates.

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