10 sizzling romantic dates in Charlotte

Posted by Leticia, 14 Jan

It is funny how rarely we acknowledge the importance of location when it comes to dating. There are plenty who would say that, deep down, a spark is a spark whether you do something spectacular or spend an evening at a local bar, but the truth is that location can make a big difference. It’s lucky then that, Charlotte, the biggest city in North Carolina, is packed with amazing places to take that special someone.

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There are plenty of choices here; from quirky cafes to jazz haunts, dive bars, bluegrass joints, public parks, swanky restaurants, posh cocktail bars, and much more. The possibilities are endless, so whether you want to think outside the box and really impress your date or you plan to stick with something familiar, you will find a great date idea in Charlotte.

This guide to the top 10 ideas for a romantic date in Charlotte will help you schmooze your way through to that important next date. Some of these may not seem obviously romantic - but that is actually why they work as a place to let the love flow.

1. Be Brave at the Whitewater Center

This is a great date idea for anybody who is keen to avoid the ‘been there done that’ territory of restaurants and move theaters. At the Whitewater Center, you can get involved with a wide selection of pulse pounding physical activities. Why not get your hike on and hit a trail or strap up and move fast with a white-knuckle ride down the zip line. You will be glad to know that there is a great bar (Pump House Biergarten) to relax in afterwards and calm your nerves!

2. Mingle with the Stars at Double Door

The wonderful Double Door Inn is a pretty unremarkable place from the outside. In fact, most people pass by it a hundred times before they ever notice there is a bar in this location. Yet, it definitely feels more like design than accident; it is wildly popular with locals, but it never gets uncomfortably packed out on the weekends either. So, pick up your date, order a Dead Cowboy cocktail, and check out the autographed photos covering the walls.

3. Act Like a Critic at a NoDa Opening

The North Davidson Art District is a really interesting and unique part of the city. You do not have to know much about art to enjoy it either. In fact, the whole point of these mini studios are that they are accessible and open to everyone. You are entirely free to rock up to an opening and pretend that you know a lot more about modern art than you really do. The rotating exhibits at Twenty-Two are a great place to start.

4. Fill Your Face at Food Truck Friday

There is a good reason why Food Truck Friday has fast become an institution in Charlotte. It offers an opportunity to feast on high quality eats, in a casual and friendly environment. So, if swanky restaurants are not really your thing, take your date down to South End on a Friday and enjoy a stroll among the independent vendors. The only thing to remember is that you will have to bring your own beer.

5. Get Nerdy at Discovery Palace

For a truly unique date night, head on down to the science museum at Discovery Place. It holds regular adults - only cocktail evenings - with a twist, of course. You and your companion will get the chance to mix up a whole host of spectacular chemistry themed drinks. Or, alternatively, you could just catch a movie at the IMAX or check out the super cool science exhibits and hands on experiments.

6. Snuggle Up at the Crepe Cellar

This rather modest and humble little restaurant is a favorite with young couples on first dates. It is certainly nothing luxurious – there are much more elegant places to chow down in Charlotte – but it has something special. With its super cozy corners, extremely tasty grub, and dimmed lights, you can feel like you are the only two people in the world. Oh, and the pesto brie fries are famous in the city. You simply have to share a pile with your date.

7. Test Your Brain at Exit Strategy

You have probably heard of live action puzzle games and ‘locked room’ adventures by now. They have been taking the world by storm just recently, with new companies springing up in their droves all across America and Europe. At Exit Strategy, the formula is familiar – you are locked in a room for sixty minutes and you have to solve puzzles to escape. If you are looking for something quirky to do with your date, Exit Strategy is a really fun place to visit.

8. Catch an Alternative Comedy Skit

The Charlotte Comedy Theater plays host to all kinds of different alternative and improvisational comedy performances. If you need an interesting date idea, head down to catch a show – the unplanned skits are particularly enjoyable. You have been warned though; sit at the front of a comedy show and you might find yourself being the subject of the next punchline.

9. Play Lord and Lady in the Gardens

This location should delight anybody with a keen interest in grand period dramas like Downton Abbey, even if it could not be further away from the English countryside. The Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden is a beautiful place to spend a sunny afternoon, especially if you whip up a picnic basket before you head out. The only downside to exploring these curated gardens is that you cannot bring pets along, so it will just have to be the two of you – all the better for cuddling up close though.

10. Finish the Night with Fast Food

For a down to earth, but very enjoyable, end to an evening date, swing by popular chicken shack Price’s Chicken Coop. You will have to feast on the curb, but there are few things as satisfying in life than tucking into a well-deserved takeaway treat with somebody that you adore – even if you have not told them that quite yet. You had just better hope your date is not a vegetarian; best to ask first!

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