10 Romantic Date Venues In Los Angeles

Posted by Leticia, 25 Jan

If you live in or near Los Angeles, and are looking for the perfect, romantic date idea, then look no further. Any of these are sure to be a hit with your love interest. Read and enjoy, and if none of these are quite what you’re looking for, then they’ll definitely serve to jump start your creativity.

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1. Griffith Observatory

Recently renovated, and featuring spectacular views, in addition to the numerous exhibits, this is a fantastic spot to take in a sunset together. If your date has an interest in science, this will appeal to both her brainy side and her romantic one. That’s win-win for you!

2. The Getty Center

While the Getty doesn’t have as impressive a collection of works as some of the older museums, it’s certainly nothing to sneeze at, and museums are strangely intimate settings. If your girl is a lover of the arts, this is a sure fire way to send her just the right message. Spend the afternoon taking in the exhibits together, and you’ll have plenty to talk about over dinner later in the evening.

3. Museum Row

If a single museum experience isn’t enough, head to museum row. Start at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, a sprawling twenty acre complex you could literally get lost in, and then, time permitting, check out the Craft and Folk Art museum or the automotive museum to round out the experience. Again, if your girl is a lover of the arts, these are all fine choices, and oddly intimate and romantic to boot.

4. Mulholland Drive

No listing of romantic LA date venues would be complete without mention the classic. Mulholland drive is filled with little pull offs, overlooks and make out spots, each offering spectacular views of the surrounding countryside. Besides, is there anything better than sitting next to your girl with the top down and the wind in your hair? Maybe a few things, but not many.

5. Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens

There’s a little something for everyone here, but the crown jewel of the venue is the garden itself. Spend the afternoon holding hands and wandering the grounds. It’s absolutely enchanting and sure to take her breath away.

6. Downtown LA Music Performances

If you’re looking a good mix of romance and light-hearted fun, take her to one of the (seasonal) music performances downtown. It’s as easy as finding out what her musical tastes run to, and picking the day and performance that’s the best fit. Plus, since you’re already downtown for the show, there are virtually unlimited things to do and places to go after, and of course, if you plan on having dinner together after, you’ll find no shortage of choices there.

7. Greystone Mansion

The mansion and grounds surrounding it are absolutely breath-taking, which is why so many couples decide to get married there. It’s a lovely, secluded spot to spend a romantic evening with your love interest. There are few places in the whole city with a more intimate, romantic ambiance.

8. The Peace Awareness Labyrinth and Gardens

Here’s another hidden gem of beauty and tranquility, right in the heart of the city. Get lost in the maze together, and spend the afternoon trying to find your way out. Or, just enjoy the sense of being cast adrift, two people wandering in the maze, and let the hours slip past as you enjoy each other’s company in this peaceful, romantic setting.

9. Whale Watching

There really is something strangely romantic about standing side by side and watching these vast, majestic creatures, and there are few places better to do that than at the Point Vicente Interpretive Center. Even if there are no whales out playing the day you go, the views are still spectacular, and while you’re there, of course, check out the Point Vicente Lighthouse. This has all the makings of an absolutely unforgettable day.

10. Catalina Island

This sparkling gem looks like it was transported from the Mediterranean and dropped on your doorstep. It’s a devastatingly romantic place to spend a day (or a day and a night, or a weekend, depending on how well things go!) If you’ve got a particular good feel about your sweetheart, this one just might make for a legendary date.

Los Angeles and the surrounding area has so much to offer than having to pick “just” ten was excruciating, but we’ve tried to include something for everyone on this list, and any of these are sure to tickle her romantic fancy. Best of luck to you on your date, and have fun!

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