Who's the boss?

Posted by James, 25 Mar

In most households, women out-earn their husbands. And with women graduating with advanced degrees and running their own businesses, their role as the bread-winner is altering their role in marriage and family in general.

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"Because of these dynamics, the rules of marriage have changed more in last 30 years than the previous 3,000," says Stephanie Coontz, a family studies teacher and author of books on marriage and gender roles. This shift in gender roles requires as much of an adjustment from men as it does for women, who find themselves struggling to give up household duties and family tasks.

Some men are actually ok with being left at home with the children while their wives take charge of the finances. However, a large number feel emasculated when the wife is the bread-winner and are asked to take on more household chores and child-care responsibilities. And on the other hand, some women get resentful when they are expected to foot all the bills and at the same time, take a huge chunk of the domestic responsibilities.

And the battle doesn't end just with the domestic chores ... they always spill over to the bedroom. So who sends flowers on the wedding anniversary? Who's the boss of the house when the wife is the breadwinner?

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  1.   fkoi says:
    Posted: 05 Mar 10

    I'm not working for her. She's not working for me. Ergo, neither!

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  2. Posted: 26 Oct 09

    Who's the boss? We'll take turns.

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  3.   renee24 says:
    Posted: 06 Aug 09

    When your in a relationship or marriage team work is the key. This all boils down to communication, if you both want to work then don't start having children, who's willing to stay home when children come into the picture. Its good to have the same wants as your mate.

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  4.   bobf19460 says:
    Posted: 17 Oct 08

    Most women make more money than their husbands? what galaxy is the author from?

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