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Posted by James, 24 Feb

I put up this video today to prove a point.

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Most online daters always say they are looking for someone with a great sense of humor... This you will see in most of the profiles people post. Question is, can you handle it? How much or to what extent should this humor extend? Are there quantifiers for this?

The video above is a real example of what am talking about. The lady might have found that funny. And the dude’s parents saying they have had chemistry with her…? Well that is humor too. One thing we always forget is that our sense of humor may be offensive to others. Some of us may find the above video funny and laugh their lungs out. On the other hand, this being a multicultural blog site, most of us will find the video inappropriate or even offensive.

Humor can be a potent or dismissive personality tool in dating. In a multicultural society, we need to tread carefully. We might meet people and tease them about their cultures. While a person may mean well, initial humor that lack any context, can easily be misinterpreted resulting in a false impression of someone! So while we are busy trying to find a person with a great sense of humor or being humorous ourselves, all we ought to remember is… within the context of a relationship, the most important thing is developing emotional intimacy, and this intimacy is what enables people to share a good laugh together. This is something that builds over time.

Is humor important in a relationship?

How much humor is acceptable?

Feel free to express your ideas and have a humorous weekend :D

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  1.   fkoi says:
    Posted: 15 Apr 10

    I agree Fala. At the same time there is a need to be use humour delicately. By and large though, if I couldn't laugh, life would get me down.

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  2.   Fala says:
    Posted: 12 Mar 07

    Humor is essential in a great relationship. Why would you want to be with someone who can't see the humor in life's every day absurdities?

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