The space man decoded

Posted by James, 06 Dec

There are certain aspects of male behavior that are a given for example, leaving the toilet seat up, drinking juice straight from the carton … and at some point in a relationship, he will call you all those lovely names – darling, dearest or a simple Yo! – followed by “I need my space.᾿

So what is this space thingy? Does the spaceman just need time off or did a spacecraft just land and he’s set to fly off? Were you holding on too tight?

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The space cadets sentence may mean a lot of things. Case 1 translation is “I need more guy time.᾿ He just wants to regain a taste of the pre-you independent life he used to enjoy. Sometimes when things move too fast, a guy may start to miss hanging out with his crew … like he is losing his freedom.

If he needs time to be with the boys then give it to him. If he doesn’t get the chance to realign the buddies versus girlfriend equation, then he may resent you for it later. This may then lead to festering grudge, a half-assed sex life or even a request for a more permanent space declaration.

Case 2 translation is “I think we need to slow things down.᾿ Your space cadet here is slowly reaching for the brake pedal. The dude has gotten the gut reaction to the fear of being a trapped man.

There was this guy who was hit by the realization that he was actually in a relationship three months after meeting his girl. He suddenly felt like he needed an escape hatch to get some distance from where they were. Being the good girlfriend the girl was, she took him to his word and cut down their dating to once a week. Well after a couple of months, the relationship was back on track and the guy realized how much it meant to him.

Bottom line is, if a guy mentions the word space in the first three months of dating, it’s a solid sign that the merry-go-romance is spinning too fast for his fragile tummy so don’t freak out. He will regain momentum eventually.

Case 3 translation is he needs space to date around. “How will I ever know you are the one if I don’t shop around?᾿ This is what I like to call a trial break-up. Here there is no guarantee he will come back coz the grass may actually be greener on the other side. And even if you decide to get back, closing that gap may not be as easy and you may break up for real.

Then there is Case 4 translation … “I need my space away from you forever.᾿ These are the kind of guys who are too afraid to break up with someone. Its called letting someone down easy.

Much as “I need my space᾿ from a guy can come from different places in a guys heart – not to mention the hot spot down south, one thing remains constant … give him the space. A guy who needs space is like a wet bar of soap – squeeze too tight and he’ll shoot right out of your hands.

But does this mean that you just sit around waiting for him while he spaces out? I wont advice that. Space is an indefinite place, and you never know who else you might find from outer space. Just know space may turn out to be a good thing for both of you.

So what do women mean when they ask for a time out?

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  1.   fkoi says:
    Posted: 03 Jul 10

    Sounds like a commitment-phobe. If you find yourself 3 months down the road needing space you just haven't been paying attention during those months. Is he likely to pay better attention at six months?

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  2.   hiimsteph says:
    Posted: 13 Dec 07

    Well I do believe that as a couple is together some space and alone time is ok. Smothering will only push them further away while hbeing apart sometimes gives them a chance to miss you more. Screwy, aint it?

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