The metamorphosis of online dating

Posted by James, 06 Mar

Just when i thought I had seen it all, I came across this one:

Find your soulmate on InterracialDatingCentral

"Dating Cheating Wives is your ultimate site to find lonely, horny, married women looking for discreet sex on the side!"

Would you? Is this pushing the whole online dating business just a little too far? What happened to the sanctity of marriage?

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  1.   fkoi says:
    Posted: 29 Mar 10

    Those kind of sites always strike me as some kind of scam but I can't figure out what the payoff is. In any case, thanks but no thanks.

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  2.   Taffy000 says:
    Posted: 19 Jul 09

    I actually believe I probably know which site this came from. I don't understand it myself. There are tons of diseases you can get even with using a condom. I don't understand risking your health or 5 minutes, if you're lucky worth of sex. I just can't believe that in this day and age people are willing to risk their lives for sex. I've also heard that perhaps the people running ads are just lonely & they just want intimacy. I think people/men who place ads like that just want free prostitutes. If one were wanting intimacy--I'd understand, not condone taking a mistress or girlfriend on the side. Someone you can be intimate with but not just hooking up with a stranger just for the sake of it. I think people who do this have obviously been very sheltered. It's one thing to get all dolled up on a Saturday & try to pick someone up. It's quite another to type something like that stone cold sober on a Sunday. Count me out.

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  3.   Member says:
    Posted: 15 Jun 09

    That was silly. Why you've start to writing this?

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  4.   PattyCake48 says:
    Posted: 08 Mar 08

    Dating while married, that's an oxymoron, isn't? If you're going to date, don't marry. If you're comtemplating having an affair, you should ask yourself, would I leave my spouse for this person? If the answer is no, don't do it. If the answer is yes, divorce, and continue on your merry way. If you elect to ignore your conscience and have random sex with nameless faces, be prepare to reap the consequences if found out or when you are found out, because you will be exposed, eventually. Be prepared for the end of your marriage, be prepared for some type of STD (and pray it's not HIV), be prepared for the pain, confusion, and bewilderment of your children. Don't let society fool you, children of divorce suffer, always. An affair is based on lies. When you marry, you stand before God and family and make a convenant that no man (or woman) will break it. When you have an affair, you lie to yourself, your husband, your friends, and to God. I believe in the santity of marriage and I won't except anything less. Peace and Blessings to All.

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  5. Posted: 08 Mar 08

    Like any other part of life...some can take anything too far...and there is a sucker born for each of the enticements out there...we all choose what to ignore and what to give attention a life this short...we'd better choose wisely...

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