Post-coital blues

Posted by James, 21 Feb

Even the greatest sex can end in post-coital blues.

A dude, 33 years of age has them. Majority of times, he feels depressed after having sex with a chic. No matter how great the sex might have been, once he goes limp, he feels depressed and can’t wait to get away from her. And immediately after hitting the road, he feels much better.

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It’s like the drive that took you to bed suddenly flees with your orgasm … so you get depressed and flee.Kinda reminds me of this poem by some Irish dude W.B. Yeats: "The Chambermaid’s Second Song"

From pleasure of the bed, Dull as a worm, His rod and its butting head, Limp as a worm, His spirit that has fled, Blind as a worm.

Well, this has a Latin French phrase that makes it sound sophisticated and much more romantic than ‘sadness after sex’ – ‘post-coital tristesse’.

Why would someone get depressed following great sex and suddenly feel better after a fast getaway?

So … ;-) What do you do right after sex?

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  1.   Man says:
    Posted: 15 Aug 10

    oh yea.. post-coital blues are so frustating that I don;t wanna ejaculate ever and for me they continue at least for a day or two.. what do i do after sex.. i want to run and leave if i can and yea eat a lot.

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  2.   fkoi says:
    Posted: 22 Jun 10

    "[S]ome Irish dude"? Really? He is one of the greatest poets in the English language. And the point of view is that of the woman.

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  3.   fire321 says:
    Posted: 12 Aug 09

    I enjoy pillow talk afterwards. I may just want to roll over and fall never know.

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  4.   eveshines says:
    Posted: 24 Feb 08

    I love to cuddle after sex.....and most definately after-play is good too.... I cant say that has every happen to me after sex with a guy but thats sad. Is it that they dont enjoy the sex or is it a physicological thing. Well it could have been having a shower right after sex to wash the person if that happen to me i would hurt him so bad...only kidding... Eve

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