Perils of unsafe sex

Posted by James, 07 Jun

Planning on having unsafe sex? Protect yourself!!! A wild night of sex can damage you and your goods terribly. Your heath could suffer. Am sure most of us are like “Oh shut it James. Do you have to drug us down the STDs, HIV, blah blah fish cake lane?᾿ I’ll spare you the misery of boredom.

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Ever heard of a broken penis? Oouuuuuchhhh!!! :cry: Yeah. Even the mere thought of it is that awful. Now imagine having one... Apparently, when an erect penis is bent at a right angle, the inner chamber can rapture. And the cure… surgery. This usually happens when having vigorous woman-on-top sex. So ladies, work us slowly. We are fragile too.

You could also suffer from a sex-induced heart attack. Although not as common as most gold diggers would love, when you are out of shape, an increase in physical activity can be risky. And for those of us looking for that extra vitality from the man’s best friend Viagra, watch out coz this can out a strain on your heart. So if you are overweight or are having high blood pressure or cholesterol, you better add extra protection… Pop an asprin ;-)

Do you have banana, avocado, kiwi, chestnut or tomato allergies? Safe as condoms are, they could be unsafe for this category of people. It is likely that you have latex sensitivity or allergy. And you don’t wanna know what a full-blown allergy can do. Picture wheezing and hives.

I thought the above were some what crazy, but when you think about it, safe sex can turn to be hazardous. What to do?

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  1.   PetiteChick says:
    Posted: 13 May 10

    This thread should have blown up! Too bad. In my opinion, this should be at the forefront of any dating discussion with men and women and those who prefer same sex relationships. It's funny because I've read a lot of profiles where the men say they want women who are physically fit and toned, etc. That's kool, nothing wrong with that at all. But I also have to wonder while they are being so health conscious if they are taking into consideration the sleeping around and bed hopping. Quite frankly it's very dangerous. I can usually tell the type. Amazing.......

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  2. Posted: 19 Jul 09

    Is this it? Does noone have more to say about unsafe sex?

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  3.   hiimsteph says:
    Posted: 21 Jul 07

    wow. this article was very informative. I know someone alergic to tomatoes, thankx!

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  4.   hiimsteph says:
    Posted: 20 Jun 07

    yes you are very right, indeed!!

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  5.   Fala says:
    Posted: 13 Jun 07

    That's some road sign!

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