Online dating has myths too

Posted by James, 15 Jan

We all hear of myths, and having been around for quite a while now, online dating has its own too. Although there are certain things you should be genuinely concerned about in relation to online dating, here are four myths you should be wary of.

Dating sites were invented for the antisocial beings: So most people who are afraid of socializing feel more comfortable dating online as opposed to a social gathering. But this doesn’t give someone the right to declare that they were created specifically for antisocial people. Online dating is suitable for all from all walks of life.

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Online dating has been used as a means to various ends. Some use it just to find a date and others as a means to satisfy their interracial dating needs. So this avenue of looking for relationships is for all … even those seeking to have some harmless anonymous fun.

Online dating isn’t safe: Don’t you think this can apply to anything in the world? Walking across the street, driving a car, or just going on a one-on-one date can be unsafe too. The same thing applies to online dating. A certain level of safety measures is required to have success, you must use your discretion. Remember, don’t give out any personal information to a person until you feel it is safe to do so, wait until you are extremely comfortable.

No need to go to dating sites if you meet people all the time: Here is the thing… think about how many more people you can meet online in a short period of time without the hustle of leaving your house to go fishing. Think about how this raises your chances of meeting the person you will connect with. Many dating sites give you the opportunity to select the criteria for your ideal match. Dating sites also match you with other members based on the criteria that you selected.

This being automated it saves y plenty of time when searching for the ideal mate. Using dating sites doesn’t mean you are admitting to having a hard time meeting people. It’s all about taking advantage of all of your options.

Dating sites are for the desperate: Who came up with this lie? There are people who join dating sites hoping to meet people who they may not have met had it not been for the dating site. You may be living in India and would like to meet an American. You may be living miles away from your ideal mate and the only chance of ever crossing path with your ideal mate isn’t the real world but a little push from online dating may facilitate this meeting

Online dating is ideal for anyone who is looking for a larger pool to date from ... a pool with different kinds of fish. Keep an open mind this year while searching for your ideal mate. He or she could be just a few clicks of the mouse away. Most importantly, use all mediums available to you. All the best.

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  1.   serenity33 says:
    Posted: 17 Aug 10

    I agree that online dating myths are all wrong. It is perfect for someone like me who is so discriminating when it comes to personality. If the other person's profile is honest like yours should be, then you can weed out unwanted things that you often can't tell in person. I am a Pastoral Marriage Counselor and I want someone who is serious about their religion and isn't promiscuous, has illegitimate kids(shows lack of morality) or is divorced,(showing that they probably never went to premarital or marriage counseling) or is looks conscious or materialistic or hedonistic. People can hide a lot of that in person while if they are honest online, you will eliminate them much easier if they don't like your picture, or put lots of sexual things in their profile to try and snag you, or put shallow things down like traveling or shopping and usually sports. So it is much easier to weed those people out online if they are honest than in person because how can you tell if they are shallow in person by their shopping or traveling or sports unless you go with them? No, I think honest online dating is the best way to go if you want someone of quality. Joseph Moyer

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  2.   PetiteChick says:
    Posted: 12 Jul 10

    I agree with you Fkoi! Further, the hardest part of the online dating experience is even getting to the part of "meeting." FOR ME, AT LEAST!

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  3.   fkoi says:
    Posted: 04 Jul 10

    I have found it much more difficult to determine chemistry online than it is in the "real" world of dating. You can filter and select and correspond all you want, but I can't determine the essential "it" until I am face-to-face.

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  4.   _dream_ says:
    Posted: 30 Jul 09

    diy- people do that in real life, too. they lie about their jobs, they lie about their abilities, they lie about who they are. it's not exclusive to fake profiles. i've met men in real life who claim to be the boss when they're really the janitor. am i put off because you're the janitor? no. am i pissed that you lied? yes.a liar is a liar is a liar, no matter if they lie to your face or to your computer screen. online dating is no better or worse or safer or more dangerous than real time dating. approach with the same amount of diligence and caution that you would in real life.

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  5.   Diy says:
    Posted: 26 Feb 09

    My thing is this. people who chose to post their profile on line should really take the time to plan ahead on what they are going to post online about themselves. My concern is always this how real are people really being about themselves when they write out their profiles? I mean people today are so pretentious in person and even more so online. so for those who chose on line dating because of low slef esteem or shy or what ever other reason they can paitn a fantasy of themselves as to how they would like others to see them instead of them being themselves. no way any one can ever meet the right one when you are not being YOU! This should be safe and fun too be able to chose who you want to flirt with and who you rather not. But again for those reading this if you have anything on your =profile that is not you reconsinder and redo it. and if you meet the right one or the one that you may want to give a chance too then out of politeness and respect hide or put your profile away upon you deciding to make it about her. deception and betrayal in person or online is hurtful part of the reason we chose to go online is to avoid all the games and the hard work that goes into meeting new people and having smart conversations with them. Just a few thoughts. :c)

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  6.   DividedSoul says:
    Posted: 01 Jun 08

    You may also meet the person of your dreams online and they live two doors down from you, but live their life on a different schedule. Internet dating opens up more possibilities. And isn't that what we all are looking for; a possibility?

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  7.   Member says:
    Posted: 28 Jan 08

    I met the most fabulous man on and we have been together for more than a year now. we were two people of different cultures and countries. Yet, because of this great website we were brought together after finding love. Maybe you will love it.

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