Love on the rails

Posted by James, 26 Feb

Internet dating, speed dating, singles parties … these cant outdo what Germans are doing with public transportation sevices ... they are becoming matchmakers and the demand has been overwhelming.

If you are a Berlin commuter, then say good bye to curses like “I should have talked to that perfect stranger.᾿ If you are looking to contact a beautiful stranger you saw on a train or a bus you can now use a free online service called Augenblicke (Moments) to track them down. And the organizers call an international first!

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The website, hit more than one million page views in less than a year, with demand growing daily, Berlin Transit Operators (BVG) said.

So how does it work you may wonder.

Passengers left love struck after a couple of i-hope-he-didn’t-see-me glances on the subway can use an alias and post a message, which BVG then lists according to metro, tram or bus line where the encounter took place. If visitors to the site recognize themselves in the description, they are free to respond by opening a private online mailbox with the other passenger where they can make thei interests known exchanging messages.

Here are some of the messages posted:

"You looked like a dreadlock fairy - I can't describe it any other way," wrote a passenger by the alias Kurzhaarstino.

"A light blue headband/headscarf, dressed in black from head to toe and a briefcase (!?!?!?). What an entrance... I was the one with a khaki-colored jacket, strange glasses and closely cropped hair half a carriage away. I have to know what was in that briefcase! That is at least one of my three wishes...;-)"

"A shy smile at the ticket widow. An eye-opening encounter at the end of the line. It often only takes a single, magic moment to seal a connection for a lifetime," wrote passenger signing off as "Seeking Cute Ticket Salesman".

BVG spokesman Klaus Wazlak said since the communication on the website is anonymous, the company knows little about the demographics of who is using the site or their rate of success. However, the number of mailboxes used for private communication indicated that dozens of would-be lovers were actually connecting.

"People told us that when two people smile at each other on the subway and then one gets off, the chance to meet disappears. We as a company saw that as an opportunity," Wazlak said.

"But you drank your bottle of wine alone and I drank my beer. Maybe we could do it together next time?" went another message.

And in a bid to spice up Valentine's Day, Deutsche Bahn were to start Flirt Express trains in 15 cities including Berlin, Dresden, Frankfurt and Hamburg.The two- to three-hour-rides were to work like speed dating, with singles seated across from each other changing seats and conversation partners every five minutes.

For those participants that got sparks flying, they were at liberty to continue flirting at cafes and restaurants near the station where the rail company was to have tables reserved and candles lit.

Do you think this transport matchmaking would work? Look out German! Your future could be in the hands of the next subway you hope on.

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  1.   fkoi says:
    Posted: 13 Jun 10

    Why not just speak to them when they are there in person? It seems like one more way of maintaining isolation. But who hasn't been guilty of it?

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  2.   godiva61 says:
    Posted: 12 Aug 09

    Laurelton Queens, I just remembered you saying that you were a Leo, right? Anyway, if I'm right and I missed your birthday, happy belated Birthday!! Happy Birthday, just the same! godiva

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  3.   phatkitty says:
    Posted: 21 Dec 08

    This is nothing new, i read ads like these every weekend, in the CITY paper. I live in Maryland the suburbs of Washington D.C. I was thinking the same thing as Free-eagle. What if the other person doesnt even notice you, then why would they even read an ad about chance meeting, when they dont even know that they're being written about. Oh well, go figure. one luv

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  4.   free_eagle says:
    Posted: 06 Mar 08

    Somehow a real funny idea and safe, could be frustrating if the other one is not interested in reading this messages. But worth a try, better would be to let go the fears and try to get eye contact ... the rest is not under your control, there is no coincidence. Peace and Light.

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  5.   Sylia says:
    Posted: 29 Feb 08

    I would like to take the time to thank ****** for the wonderful service they have provided. I met my husband through the site 1 year ago, we were two people of different cultures and countries. Yet, because of this great website we were brought together after finding love. Maybe you will love it.

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  6.   Oxford says:
    Posted: 28 Feb 08

    Its lovely......

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  7.   aswer says:
    Posted: 26 Feb 08


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