Leticia Literacy List For April

Posted by Leticia, 15 Apr

Every month I'll give you a few suggested books to add to your reading library. If you have any you'd like to share, pass on the details to me.

Joseph Graves, Jr. "The Emperor's New Clothes: Biological Theories of Race at the Millennium".
Joseph Graves, Jr.
Published 2001 by Rutgers University Press

"Is the problem of racism as old as human relations? If not, then what historical and social developments produced it? These questions have been answered in two different ways. One school of thought suggests that the use of race to make predictions about the individual or social characteristics of people is relatively modern development. ... (more)

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Ashley Montagu "Man's Most Dangerous Myth: The Fallacy of Race".
Ashley Montagu
Published 1974 by Oxford University Press London & New York .

"The idea of "race" represents one of the most dangerous myths of our time, and one of the most tragic. Myths are most effective and perilous when they remain unrecognized for what they are. Many of us are happy in the complacent belief that myths are what uncivilized people believe in "... (more)

Managan, Michael Dr. "Sleepsex: Uncovered".
Dr. Michael Managan
Published 2001 by Xlibris Corporation


James King "The Biology of Race".
James C King
Published 1981 by University of California Press, Berkeley , Los Angeles & London

Feedback question: What myths about race have your heard?


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  1.   EMBRACEME says:
    Posted: 21 Nov 06


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  2.   JADE74 says:
    Posted: 12 Nov 06

    I must add these books to my reading list and library.

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  3.   Carla says:
    Posted: 05 Nov 06

    I love romance novels......

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  4.   Blkfantasy says:
    Posted: 17 May 06

    Leticia, I have been a long time reader of romance novels. But as recently, as two years ago I began noticing an increasing number of novels devoted to interracial romance. I would like to recommend to your reading list several of the books that I have read that can be purchased if people on the site would be interested. I would appreciate your reply. Thanks blkfantasy

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